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I am 68 year old female who travels on RS trips solo---because my husband has not yet retired---and I would like to know if there is anywhere on this site that solo travelers post a little bit about themselves and what trips they are contemplating so that other solo travelers might get to know others and perhaps plan trips together.  I have seen this on discussion boards on Rick Steves travel website, but have not found anything similar on this site.  I love to travel, and will travel solo by necessity, but would much prefer to meet others and travel with someone I know a little about.  I have limited funds and cannot usually afford to pay the single supplement to stay in a room by myself.

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    RS website doesn't make it easy. With their old website, you could post comments directly on the trip page but now it's very cumbersome and counter-intuitive. Oh well, "progress" I guess.
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    I just got back from a Portugal trip and it was wonderful. There were only 13 on the trip so it made the touring easier in that everyone could be close to a guide if they chose to. As on every trip, there is always "that one" or two who don't know how to get along with others or who wanted to be treated as special, but they made little impact on my enjoyment of the trip.
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    I am doing a trip w RS to Minneapolis as a single. Having done a similar trip to Nashville in May with a different company and basically being a “third wheel” most of the time, a travel buddy does not sound bad at all.
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    Hey, cflatleyg ! Been away from discussion boards for 2 wks, so I missed your reply to me. Yeah, seems like there's always one (sometimes 2) of those that require careful treatment lest you mistakenly blunder into 'saying the thing'.
    But since you were in Portugal, I'm sure that you had way better things to do that worry about that.
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    Hi Doreanp!
    I signed up for the November Belize/Guatemala trip this week and am looking forward to it. At this point I'm going solo, but might end up going with a friend and his wife. 'Flying out of NY. 'You?
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    uh-oh! I just noticed that you were talking about the Belize trip LAST year.
    I'm going this coming November.
    So anyway, how was the trip?
  • I've started to travel on my own mostly for my work, then with time I've realized that it's also great to travel alone for pleasure.

    Of course it's always great to chat with people and eventually to make new friends.
  • For me, I like traveling with a group and at the same time, I travel by myself (without my spouse). This is the first time I'm going with RS to the Middle East. I'm getting my own room. It's expensive, but worth it overall. I've traveled previously with other groups to places far and wide. There are pluses and minuses, but overall I've enjoyed myself.