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I am 68 year old female who travels on RS trips solo---because my husband has not yet retired---and I would like to know if there is anywhere on this site that solo travelers post a little bit about themselves and what trips they are contemplating so that other solo travelers might get to know others and perhaps plan trips together.  I have seen this on discussion boards on Rick Steves travel website, but have not found anything similar on this site.  I love to travel, and will travel solo by necessity, but would much prefer to meet others and travel with someone I know a little about.  I have limited funds and cannot usually afford to pay the single supplement to stay in a room by myself.

  • I am going to try out Road scholar for the first time. I am willing to share so therefore I didn’t have to pay the extra single supplement. I am going on the Kentucky derby and paddlewheel boat trip on April 28. I hope I get a nice roommate. I love to travel and I am a widow I am 67 and if anybody is looking to share on a trip someday please let me know. I would really like to do and urtica the end of this year or in January 2019. The other trip I would really like to do is to go to Malaysia and maybe Vietnam.
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    I'm going on the Egyptian Odyssey: Caro, the Nile ad Nasser 10/9-10/23/18. I'm single, 74, living in Thousand Oaks, CA. Text 805 427-3085. Sandi
  • I'll be going to Ireland on the May 4-14 "Enchanted Ireland: Town & Country" trip and also am a solo travel. It's my first Road Scholar trip, so I'm pretty excited. My husband isn't interested in going abroad but I am! I like the idea of luxuriating in my own room, at least on this trip. I'll be 75 next month (February) and thought this would be a great birthday present to myself. I love walking but not 6-7 miles a day. For me, that's too much because I'd like to mingle and chat with the locals more at my own pace. I enjoy my senior Zumba classes, and my usual walks are around 4 miles.

  • I am a 65 year old woman, divorced and in good physical shape. Most of my friends are married or already have travel buddies. I am interested in making friends, male or female, with whom I can plan future outings. I live in the NY metropolitan area.
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    My wife and I are joining our friends (another couple) on this trip. So far, I have been very disappointed in the fractured communication from RS to me about our flights. I called the RS chat line and got the chat evaluation questions but no chat. Grr. If we get any, we will be happy to share info with you.
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    Thank you for reaching out to us, m.wells012612. We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered communicating with our team to date, but would love the opportunity to speak with you further to better understand your experience and resolve your concerns. Would you be open to a phone call from us?

    All the best,
    Your Friends at Road Scholar
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    I hope so. I am a bit apprehensive since I am going alone and don't know anyone on the trip. Diving in feet first... hope no rocks hidden in the water.
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    LOL, you'll be fine. Remember you are not traveling "alone". You are traveling "solo". To me a huge distinction and the advantage of traveling with RS. Having almost all meals together you have a chance to get to know the people you travel with. I have been on 5 RS trips solo and have never been disappointed. I find the question "What are you passionate about?" a great conversation starter when meeting people for the first time.
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    I have been on 4 RS trips and have been solo on all and it was great meeting new people from differnet parts of the USA
    Took one to Old World Eurpoe in the fall and it was great. Have never felt left out.
  • I too want to travel, and my husband does not. So I like the idea of creating a listing of people (only those who choose to be listed) with a little detail about travel preferences and personal details. Thus, if people want to double up, or even still go “solo” but have a potential friend on the same trip, they could do so.
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    That is a great idea. Having a friend on the trip is so important to me.
  • Hi. I'm 68 yo also and love to travel. Currently I'm focusing on national parks, but there are also places out of the US I'm interested in. Would love to travel with another woman. I used to host a travel meetup, but it isn't easy to find other solo travelers. Where do you live? I'm in Colorado. My next trip in May is to the Badlands and area around Rapid City. Never been there so I am driving up. Would love the company if anyone is leaving from Colorado!

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    Hey Nancy, I'm a solo traveler also. I've only taken 2 trips with RS so far (solo both times) and had a wonderful time on both trips. I prefer solo, but would certainly be interested in communicating with other solo travelers. I am rather Euro-centric when it comes to trans-Atlantic travel, but that does include Eastern Europe. Otherwise, I like Mexico, Costa Rica,
    Amazonian Peru. Would like to visit Andean-Peru and Euro-Peru also. Cuba seems an interesting destination. Heck, anywhere is probably a good destination when one is in the company of interesting travelers.