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I am 68 year old female who travels on RS trips solo---because my husband has not yet retired---and I would like to know if there is anywhere on this site that solo travelers post a little bit about themselves and what trips they are contemplating so that other solo travelers might get to know others and perhaps plan trips together.  I have seen this on discussion boards on Rick Steves travel website, but have not found anything similar on this site.  I love to travel, and will travel solo by necessity, but would much prefer to meet others and travel with someone I know a little about.  I have limited funds and cannot usually afford to pay the single supplement to stay in a room by myself.

  • RS sometimes offers trips where the solo traveler does NOT pay extra. Also, you can ask RS to find a roommate
    for you , and if they are unsuccessful, you get the single room at no extra cost. Finally, there are other discussion
    boards on solo travel that may be of help to you. Good luck!
  • I am 65 yr old female solo traveler who depends on RS programs to take good care of me. I also sign up for roommates because of the cost. What is your activity level? I like to do active and mod. active while still possible. I bike, hike, paddle, ski, and like history and cultural studies. I am signed up for the C& O Canal towpath bike trip for Sept. 3 - 8. and the Guatemala/Belize Program #20813 for November 8-17, 2018. It would be great to get to know someone with similar interests.
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    Hello Doreanp, I am a solo traveler also and, like you, interested in history and cultural studies. I am an incurable
    eurocentric, but very interested in Latin America. I am currently enrolled in 'Water and the Maya' (Yucatán) for
    Nov. 3rd thru 14th 2017. Your upcoming program in Guatemala/Belize looks very interesting too. I once vowed
    NEVER to step foot in Guatemala because of the extreme government repression of indigenous peoples in the
    country. I am still a bit reluctant to go, but am told that things are much better now. I may look into this program
    and, who knows, we may cross paths in Mesoamerica.
  • I am a 74 year old female and have just signed up for the 10/9/18 Egyptian Odyssey trip. This will be my first RS trip and I chose it over others because it includes everything I want to see. Having all meals and airfare included is great. I chose the option of RS finding a roommate for me to avoid the extra fee for a single room. I'm active, exercise 2-3 times a week, walk daily with my dog and do a lot of volunteer work in southern CA.
  • I'm new to RS and was hoping to see a little bit of information of other participants on the trip I am signed up for. I see profile names but nothing else. I would lobpbe to somehow connect with other solo travelers... this is all so very new to me
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    RS used to send out a list of participants prior to the trip but, for some reasons, has decided not to do that any more. I am not sure what the reason is but having the list might help some people coordinate travel to the airport or meet up at the airport, which might help reduce anxiety for some.
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if privacy laws make it difficult for RS to post participants names. I think they could do a better job of advertising this discussion board, however. The could send out a notice to participants as soon as they have paid their deposit, give some instructions on how to find and use the board and encourage them to sign up to meet people.
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    That's why, on another thread, I suggested that RS ask permission from those signing up for any particular trip if they
    would consent to have their email address sent to other registrants on the same trip. Consent waives HPPA regs.
  • I'm scheduled for my first RS trip in Sept/Oct 2018. It is a biking trip to Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. I too travel solo and would be very interested in connecting with other solo travelers. All in all the posts sound very promising for us singles.
  • I also travel solo. I'm signed up for the "Walking the Thames Path" trip in May. I've done RS once solo and once with a family member before.
  • I traveled with a singles group with Vacations to Go. VTG starts a Facebook page that those in the group can join and get to know each other. There groups are much bigger, usually well over 100. I am going on the Panama Canal trip 12/6 and I have no idea how many are attending. I tried to open a discussion on the blog, but there were no responses. This is my first RS trip.
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    I am a 67-year-old female and live in Los Angeles. I am always looking for people to share with me on trips. I am going solo on the Kentucky derby trip that leaves April 28. I don’t know if they have found somebody to share with me yet. I do have a single friend that is also going but we don’t share rooms.
  • I am a solo traveler as well and I am a active 80 year old female, and found that I always seem to fit in, I plan on a trip to Ireland in May or Italy. I just wish that RSC would charge extra for solo travelers. I prefer not to have a roomate. I am widow.
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    Not sure which trip you signed up for but most RS trips allow for solo participant with no roommate. There is normally a supplemental charge unless it is one of their specials where those charges are waived. It could be on some dates those slots are filled.

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    this was not a special price trip this was European trip, which was a great trip, but I do not think that because you traveling solo that you should pay extra for the trip. And i did not want a roomate.