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I am 68 year old female who travels on RS trips solo---because my husband has not yet retired---and I would like to know if there is anywhere on this site that solo travelers post a little bit about themselves and what trips they are contemplating so that other solo travelers might get to know others and perhaps plan trips together.  I have seen this on discussion boards on Rick Steves travel website, but have not found anything similar on this site.  I love to travel, and will travel solo by necessity, but would much prefer to meet others and travel with someone I know a little about.  I have limited funds and cannot usually afford to pay the single supplement to stay in a room by myself.

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    I am in a paddlewheel boat trip soon.   I am female and a senior. I live in Los Angeles area. I hope to meet other solos to travel with.

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    Hello terrielavery, I have been on one RS trip as a solo and signed up for a roommate. The entire group was very friendly. I have traveled with other tours both as a solo and with a roommate--just got back last week from Morocco, and leaving soon for Spain. I am 73 and live also live in LA. Maybe we can discuss future plans for travel.
  • Hello Vadah, I am currently considering "Birding the Mayan Ruins of the Yucatán" (prog.31713HLT), Nov 16-18, 2018.
    This would be my 3rd trip with RS (and second in a row to Yucatán). I will again be traveling solo. So if you, or any others,
    are interested in this trip, I shall be very interested in communicating with you.
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    Thanks for responding. I am always looking for people to go with me. I am a very active 68-year-old.  Maybe we can get together soon. I am leaving a trip in about a month. My number is 310-422-0546

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    wondering if RS ever adds new trips under "special offers"- singles at no extra cost? Seems the list always stays the same.
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    I live outside of LA in Oak Park, Ca. am interested in traveling with a roommate.
  • I'm a 67 year old solo female contemplating the Silk Road trip this fall or (more probably) Spring 2019. I always go ahead and pay the single supplement if necessary. Did Cuba and had no trouble interacting with the rest of the group. Some of us were solo, some sharing, some not, some couples. You eat so many meals with your group that you get to know everyone on the tour pretty well whether they're a couple or not, so "companion" status doesn't matter.
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    I don’t know where Oak Park is. I live near Marina Del Rey. This year I am booked with three trips. I have been fortunate to find people to travel with me on two of them. Next year I am interested in Malaysia. Maybe we can meet someday.