You can ask for add'l Single supps if all are sold...

Yikes, could not figure out how to title this.  Here's what happened. I am late to register for a program for September.  There were spaces available but no single supplements showing on the registration page, only shared accommodation.  So...I called the RS office last Friday and asked if they ever added a single supplement.  The guy I spoke with sent a message to the London office (program is in UK) and I got a call back today that yes, they would add a single supplement for me. I registered immediately.

I have been looking for somewhere to go this Fall and noted while some programs have space, many have the singles sold out.  If you are interested in a program that is down to just shared accommodations, I'd encourage you to contact the office to see if things can be changed.  It, of course, depends on whether the hotels used by the program have availability (I checked that right away, lol!!).

  • This is good to know.
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    Maybe we'll get placed together one day :-) Carey - female
  • I have also had a great experience with the RS staff -- Valerie in the Lowell office, with whoever she worked it out -- asking for an additional single supp berth on a European river cruise next Spring that was sold out. It is sailing thru and exploring places where 4 different sets of my ancestors had lived (unlike other river cruise routes I've seen). I made an impassioned plea to find me some space, even a cot in the engine room!!! RS is offering the program only 3 times in the year, with all single spaces sold out. Valerie made no promises, but she worked her magic. Three days later I got a letter from RS that they've found me a single accommodation on the date best for me. (RS was able to secure additional space from the cruise line.) So at least ask if they can find additional single space for you.
  • That has happened to me twice. I registered for the waiting list for a single and within a day or two I was informed that I could have a single room. I think that if you sign up for the trip early enough, RS can probably resolve the issue quickly.
  • Same thing has happened to me 4 times! I was waitlisted initially for a single room and within a few days I was notified they made a single room available. This is one of the reasons why I'm pretty loyal to RS.
  • It is just great to see that so many of us have had good luck with RS being able to add additional Single Supplements! And yes, agree it makes me feel more loyalty to the company.
  • Since I am going on my 1st trip with RS in May to Yellowstone, and I am solo, I am relieved to hear that RS is receptive to us singles. Thanks! (I did get a single room, btw)
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    @joannesmail, you'll LOVE Yellowstone! My first *ElderHostel* trip was to Yellowstone. Even in May it can be cold, so take a jacket, light gloves and a warm hat! I've been dozens of times so trust me on this!