Male traveling as solo

In reading through the posts regarding solo travel I have only seen posts from women.  Does anyone have any experience where there have been a number of men in the group traveling solo?

  • I've posted on several threads about solo travel and I believe I've seen postings from other male solo travelers.
    Since my only RS experience was my first (and so far, only) trip in Jan/Feb, and I was the only solo, I can't speak
    about trips where there are 'a number' of other men also traveling solo. Yet I'm pretty sure there must be.
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    I am traveling solo later this month to the UK. Traveled to Australia solo and it wasn't bad. Hope this upcoming trip works out.
  • I was on a hiking trip in the Adirondacks and the majority of the people were solo. Another hiking trip also included many solo travellers. Both male and female!
  • Tahiti was on my bucket list and I couldn't find anyone to go so I decided to go solo! There was a great guy in the group traveling solo as well. The group of 12 was amazing, welcoming and after that experience, I will never hesitate to go solo again. Life is short. Go for it ! Linda G.
  • In a word, no. I just came back from a trip with 19 women and 2 men (only 1 of whom was single.) Very uncomfortable for the solo man especially since some high school level nonsense was going on.
  • On any RS program, the interactions with the group depend largely on the collection of individuals and their personalities. Some groups are very welcoming to all, including singles. Some lack a natural cohesion or feel more like a junior high school outing. A skilled program leader can help address issues ... if they see or are told about them.
  • I was on trip with three solo male travelers. For me it doesn't matter whether the person is male, female or part of a couple. The "guys" did enjoy their time together but they did not become a club. Everyone intermingled. RS seems to attract people that are there to learn and to learn from each other.
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    To CT_PBW: I'm in agreement with "RS seems to attract people that are there to learn and to learn from each other".
    That has certainly been my experience.
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    to larrylobo42010500: I agree wholeheartedly with you. RS attracts people who are curious, worldly, and overall incredibly helpful and polite. You have to keep your expectations in check. Be happy for all the small things that go well.
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    We wish!! I’m a solo traveler. Not by choice. Lost my husband but not my enthusiasm for traveling. I always hope there will be more solo men traveling. It adds a certai J’en sais pas to the trip
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    Reply to eryan : Though I've only been on 2 RS trips (3rd one coming in Sept), both times as a solo, I don't recall any solo women on either trip. I would guess that it's more unusual to encounter solo women than solo men on RS trips,
    even though RS generally caters to older and in many cases, retired people, and even though women statistically
    survive their spouses. Why are there not MORE solo women on these trips. I've noticed single women coming on
    both trips, but they were already paired up (friends, relatives, etc) with other women.
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    Your trips may be the exception or mine are! Women seem to request roommates more so than the men and therefore appear to be "paired up". Kinda like going to the loo. I have noticed that there are more partnered women and men traveling solo. I have yet to meet a married man traveling without his wife. Either their partner does not travel, has passed or is still working and we have reached an age where waiting is not an option :-) I have not found RS to attract people looking to meet other people; rather it attracts people interested in other people if that makes sense.
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    LarryLobo, your experience has been very unusual. On my 7 trips with RS, solo women outnumber men by of a factor of about 6 to 1. The great thing about RS, though, is that most people are very friendly and your single status and gender don't really seem to matter much. After far as I can tell, very few folks are hoping to meet anyone for a romance and that adds to the ease of group interactions.
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    I have traveled solo for many years: Russia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France. The women travel in groups. A solo female traveler is regarded as odd and somewhat threatening. The fact that you go your own way seems strange to them. I’m
    Always being told to Be Careful etc. but they don’t welcome me. Sadly.
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    I don't understand your comments. Is it the countries you traveled to that thought it was odd? Or fellow travelers? I have had people ask me why I prefer traveling solo before. I always say I like my own company and don't have to compromise on what I want to do. I travel with friends and family from time to time and compromise is always present.