Male traveling as solo

In reading through the posts regarding solo travel I have only seen posts from women.  Does anyone have any experience where there have been a number of men in the group traveling solo?

  • I am a seasoned male solo traveler, and find it rewarding and satisfying. There are no "singles" on Road Scholar trips, everyone does everything together, meals, walks, classes. You are always asked to join and share. Granted, there are always several solo women, but I have occasionally met one or two solo men.
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    My experience as a solo traveler on my first RS trip was great. The others in my group were M/F couples, but I was welcomed and invited to join various couples at different times -- especially the "on your own" lunches and such. One couple and I became great friends, maintain FB contact and have visited each other's homes. My other trip was all female and they were vey friendly. Maintaining contact with two of the ladies to this date.