Male traveling as solo

In reading through the posts regarding solo travel I have only seen posts from women.  Does anyone have any experience where there have been a number of men in the group traveling solo?

  • When you find one, let me know!!!
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    I travel solo always. Never had a problem. I have had people ask me why, which is a legit question. As I have said before my answer is I travel with the best travel companion ever; me. Seems to shut it down with a sense of humor. Of course I don’t carry the stigma of being from NYC. Don’t we all wish we could live in NYC?
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    I will be attending a RS debate forum on Artificial Intelligence at Cornell in October; I'm hoping being a solo traveler will be more comfortable.
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    If not for a schedule conflict, I would be attending the AI forum at Cornell myself. Hope it is offered again next year.
  • I have been on two RS trips, and will do my third in August. I travel solo (wish it were different, but that's how it is right now). I have not found it to be a problem. On my first trip, there were 8 of us, five were men. Not everyone was single, but there were no couples. There were two guys who were friends, so they partnered together (we were kayaking in tandem kayaks), and a male and a female from different parts of the country who knew each other so they partnered together in a kayak. But, overall, I didn't feel alone as we were all basically in the same boat. My second trip had a much larger group. I remember just three couples. Everyone else was a solo traveler, though not all were single. There were more solo travelers than non-solo travelers. Including myself there were seven men, three with their wife/girlfriend.

    I have never felt out-of-place. Overall, my experience with Road Scholar as a solo traveler has been positive and hope it stays that way.
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    Wow, NO couples on your first RS trip and just 3 couples on your second RS trip, this with a 'much larger group'.
    So far, I also have only been on 2 RS trips (3rd coming in Sept), but both had mostly couples, I was the only solo
    on both trips. Had wonderful time on each trip.
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    Wow, I've been on 12 RS trips and have never seen that many solos. I'm also shocked that your trips had so many male solos. Most of my trips had zero male solos. I always travel solo and have met amazing people on these trips, couples and solos. If I had to be on my own during free time (which has rarely happened), I wouldn't mind.