Male traveling as solo

In reading through the posts regarding solo travel I have only seen posts from women.  Does anyone have any experience where there have been a number of men in the group traveling solo?

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    In our way. Excuse the grammatical lapse
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    I find this forum helpful. At times people do not always agree. I either learn from what they have to say or I can unsubscribe to the forum. Sometimes times I have an ahamoment and say I never thought of it that way or I think I certainly don't agree with that.

    Take a RS tour and see if you have a different experience. RS has some interesting programs with free time built in on most. You can also go rogue if topic of the day not your cup of tea. I have done that on a few tours. As long as you let your Group Leader know you are doing so.

    I have found , on the most part, RS travelers are a different breed. Social status, gender and physical appearance seems to disappear and people want to either share or listen to others experiences. I started RS on the younger end of the boomer gen and over the years have met some fascinating people.
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    I had booked my first RS trip. Ten days in Quebec the old city. Was greatly looking forward. Became quite ill suddenly and was forced to cancel. I chose it because it was one hotel. No moving around. Hotel had great amenities. In need of pampering. Plus an opportunity to practice my French....and meet others with similar interests. Was so disappointed that I missed out.
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    Wishing you well and hope you get to experience RS trip in the future. As far as group diversity it seems to be getting more diverse as the years move on.  Quebec is a beautiful city with a rich history.  If you get the chance on free time the Le Chateau Frontenac has a very refreshing High Tea.  

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    What a nice tip. Thank you. Do plan on doing this trip. Greater dIversity is a real plus.
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    Eryan, how did you get a discounted price on Viking? I always get their brochures. Last time I called when they were having a 2 for 1 special. I was hoping I could get a deal as a single, but, nope, it was still double the regular price. I'm not willing to pay it on principal - seems they don't really want the business from singles. Do you use a travel agent?
  • I have traveled solo with a group called Vacations to go. They can have 200 in a group for a cruise and about 75% are women.
    This is a generalization, but women are more likely to travel solo then men. It seems women find it easier to form groups.
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    True. My experience is that most people are relictant to go solo, period. Uncomfortable going alone I guess. I’ve travelled quite a bit, solo. Just tired of doing all the work and it tends to cost more (especially hotels). Great about RS is that they’ll give you a roommate. On my one trip so far the roomie was great, but we weren’t obligated to do everything together. I think there were only 4 true solos on that trip, one male. Have two more scheduled this year.
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    I have questioned if I want to travel alone as a single male. My wife and I took two RS trips, Sedona, AZ and the Oregon coast; both great experiences. Now, traveling alone, I booked back to back trips to the Canadian maritimes and New England. Most of the people traveling were couples, mother/daughter or family groups. I enjoyed everyone's company, but when there was free time, I was on my own. There is a Zen expression, "The sound of one hand clapping". I have booked another RS trip, the debate at Cornell in October. I don't think that I will be faced with as much free time. Davis
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    In answer to ditodhunter, one of RS's most prolific poster, CT_PBW, once suggested asking people "What is your
    passion?", or variations on that theme. I thought that was a brilliant suggestion.
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    Davis, I was interested in the Cornell debate program as well but the timing doesn’t work for me. That program is much more like the original Elderhostel (RS’s previous name) curriculum. Have you been to Cornell before? The campus is lovely, especially at sunset. The fall foliage ought be worth the trip itself.

    I have a few suggestions for you to consider. If you have time before or after the trip, and if you are interested, take a winery tour. There should be many good restaurants in the area if you have a “meal on your own” but a very famous one is Moosewood. It serves vegetarian and natural food but even if you are not a vegetarian, you might like its offerings. The Statler Hotel, which is on campus and is run by the university’s hospitality or hotel school, serves good food as well. If you find yourself as the lone solo again, just tell people what you are interested in and see if people would like to join you. Take the initiative. I have found that more people would be happy to join someone than take the lead.

    I went on a RS Canadian Maritime trip last summer. It was great to have seafood twice a day, every day, including some amazing local ones. I went mainly to see the Bay of Fundy. It was impressive but I wish we could have stayed to watch the tide return. I hope you enjoyed yours.
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    I was unaware that you are one of the most prominent speakers in this forum. You’re open and thoughtful. That’s why I’m
    Sure people gravitate towards you.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. I have traveled extensively throughout upstate NY but never below the finger lakes. I am really looking forward to the fall colors and fall weather. I live in the San Francisco bay area so our "fall weather" isn't much to write-home about., Davis
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    LOL. I didn’t either. I just happen to enjoy travel and travel research. Am
    sure to those close my interest in factoids is annoying. To those looking for such, I am useful.
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    Same experience. Not only traveling solo! But traveling solo female. Add to that I’m a New Yorker! Eyebrows are raised and I’m eyed like an alien...and perhaps a predator. Obviously a “know it all” and frequently avoided