Odyssey at Sea: Iberia, France and Morocco Solo travelers

Hello. This will be my first RS.  I am traveling solo.  I am 43yo.  Following some of the posts, it seems that most people are older.  I was wondering if there is any other female solos around my age taking this trip?

  • I'm not going on this trip, but I am 46 and took a road scholar trip to Switzerland about 2 years ago. I was the youngest person by about 5 years, but I enjoyed it enough to book a trip to Italy in September.
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    how would you find out or care about other participants ages?!
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    Several people in my group and my travel guide were all very inquisitive about why I chose to join the program even though I am younger than they were. I was asked something to the effect of, why aren't you traveling with someone at your age and why not travel with others your age? At that point some disclosed their age. In terms of why I would care, when others were questioning why I joined, it made me self-conscious at first. We all warmed to one another one, so it turned out well. Even though I'll be a little self-conscious about my age going in, it's well worth the effort, which is why I booked another trip.
  • Hello, thank you for reaching out! We are so glad you'll be taking this study cruise with us! You are bound to have an amazing time of adventure and learn lots of exciting things. You will notice that the participants on this program will not be focused on age as much as learning and enjoying new experiences together. We hope you have a wonderful time on this program and enjoy getting to know new people and places! Best, Rachel