Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

  • Roommates have been fine with me. I use my room to shower and sleep, and stay in hostel bunks on individual trips. If I wanted to sit around watching television, I would stay home, if I had a television. When I'm not the road, I want to be out and about seeing the sights and meeting the people.
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    I am curious how the solo supplement is calculated. If I book a hotel room for myself or if I book for two people the cost is the same. When I travel with friends we divide the cost of the room in half. So how is sharing a room making a difference? It can't be food, I am not eating twice as much. It can't be transportation, I am only sitting in one seat. So what else is used to calculate the cost difference?

    You have the answer there: "When I travel with friends we divide the cost of the room in half."  The room has a price. Two people each pay half the price.

  • I am a female, have been on three RS trips, and have had assigned roommates for each trip. I was lucky that I was matched with great ladies and never had a single problem. However, on my last trip one member of my group had an absolute nightmare of a roommate. Right then, I decided I wasn't going to 'roll the dice' anymore. Going forward, I will pay extra for a single room - starting with Walking the Thames Path in the fall. Now, mind you, if RS would match me with a single male, I might reconsider. (lol)
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    I'm looking for a FEMALE roommate for trip # 16429TTC in Maine in October.
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    This sounds fine with me since I am very similar. IO'm looking for a roommate for trip # 16429TTC in October in mainae.
  • Single. I want to be able to get up at 5 am to sip coffee and read my email without worrying about waking somebody up.
  • Others have mentioned the benefits of having a single room and I agree. Unfortunately, the single supplement is very high for many more trips now, especially those on a ship. I have read that several tour organizations are trying to reduce the cost of the single supplement (or even eliminate it) to encourage more singles to travel but there is no indication that RS is doing that. I think the additional expense, if it is huge, discourages people from taking certain trips.
  • A  single room for all the reasons previously mentioned. I've been on at least 15 RS programs and have always enjoyed them. However, I've recently traveled with another nonprofit organization offering excellent educational tours that never charges a single supplement (and the rooms were the same as those given to "doubles). Therefore, if the itineraries and the prices are comparable, my preference will be to travel with the other company.

  • I prefer to have my own room and I don't mind paying the single supplement, in general. However, I've had bad experiences with the rooms that RS books for single travelers. Even though my tour is classified by RS as 'single upgrade', the hotel rooms I've been given are, in most cases, a lower grade than those supplied to double participants. And in some cases the rooms are barely habitable. Before I booked my last trip, I checked with RS to make sure I wouldn't be given a sub-standard room again and was assured that I would be given a good room. I traveled with 2 friends who were rooming together, so was able to compare my hotel rooms with theirs. It was obvious to us all that my room in each case was of a lesser quality than theirs. Not just less space, but lower quality as well. Happily, my group leader worked to upgrade me for the last half of the tour and all was well.

    After I came home, I went online and independently checked each hotel where RS booked us and found that the single rooms were 10-15 British pounds less than the doubles, but I paid about $800 for a single supplement. I've tried to ask RS what that supplement entitles me to, I don't have an answer yet and I'm not allowed to speak to anyone in RS Program Development. I'm waiting on someone from the support team to get back to me.

    The tours themselves (I've been on 3) are fantastic. The groups are fun and the group leaders are well-informed, helpful and accommodating. I just came back from The Best of Scotland and had a wonderful time while learning about Scottish history, geography and culture. I want to take another RS tour - as a single - but I don't want the same experience with the accommodations.
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    That would definitely bother me as well. I've taken nine RS trips, always with my own room, and have never had a complaint about the room. BUT -- those were all U.S. trips. I do plan to travel overseas with RS but based on my solo trips to the U.K. in my younger days, I know that "single" rooms can be really cramped and depressing. I'll never forgot the room in London that had the most narrow bed I've ever seen, smaller than a twin.
    And RS's single supplements, especially on international trips, are usually pretty hefty, so I'd expect not to be put in a closet.
  • I always get a single room, but I had an uncomfortable experience traveling as a single with RS, which was a Grand Canyon trip. At seating for dinner, the hostess said people would be seated "by couples" or in pairs. So instantly, those traveling with spouses or roomates hooked up with other "pairs." As one of the few singles on the trip, I was sort of left "dangling" with no one obvious to sit with. It was very awkward for me to feel I had to pair off with a "couple" who might have felt more comfortable sitting with another couple (mostly married folks). I voluntarily chose to move to the back of the line so that seating me would be "forced" by having to place me with anyone else who hadn't paired off, either a couple or possible another dangling single. I ended up being seated with a last remaining couple, but throughout dinner while they were kind and courteous, I truly felt that I spoiled their ability to have a private dinner as a couple.
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    I forgot to clarify that seating at tables was "for four," i.e. two couples per table.
  • I prefer single as I am am still working and travel for business from time to time, I also volunteer for high school theatre kids and the last 5 day overnight field trip my roommate snored and I did not get much sleep. I prefer the privacy so that I can reflect upon the day and rest well. For me sleep is important as I am very grouchy when it is lacking! :)
  • I posted before on this subject and just got back from my roommate experience. I was so optimistic, but I found my roommate to be impossible to stay with. She was older than myself and wanted the lights out by 10:00 pm. She completely dominated the room, and wanted to know what time I would be coming in. Any free time during the day, lights out and asleep. I had to complain and RS had to get me out of this situation. I will never do it again, it was not a good experience at all.