Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

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    I've taken 6 international trips with RS, always as a single, and the rooms have been identical with the double rooms.
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    I recently returned from a trip to Italy. I use a CPAP and was concerned about bothering my roommate, but she told me it was so quiet she couldn't hear it at all. She said the one her husband used was noisy but I think the newer ones are much quieter.
  • Here's an idea. Turn the single supplement pricing on its head. The default prices would be per person (assuming single), and then offer a discount for those traveling together or desiring a roommate assignment. That would reduce the sticker shock (and stigma) for single travelers and be a welcome bonus/discount to the others.

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    That really is a good idea. As a solo traveller I don't even look at what the double occupancy price is because single supplement sticker shock may put me off a trip I would otherwise take.
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    I agree with this, and have thought about it myself. The benchmark should be prices for one person (single). My excitement about an intersting trip, which seems in my price range, often disappears when I see the single tack on price.
  • I would always prefer a single if I was traveling single. I would not feel comfortable entering the room if I had a roommate that I didn't really know and they were not in the room.
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    I also look forward to a roommate. A great way to meet people and I think I am a pretty good roomie!
  • Definitely single. I appreciate the privacy. I'm going to Kyiv next week and I had two of these options, and I booked Premier hotel and will enjoy the whole appartment by myself !

  • I like meeting new persons and I like saving money so I chose having a roommate on the RS Genealogy Classes in Salt Lake City. I was paired with a delightful person who was a registered nurse, as was I. It was enjoyable to have someone to chat with in the evenings and we shared what we learned about our family trees. I brought ear plugs but there was no need to use them. We both ***-footed around so the other was not disturbed at night. I would say that having a roommate was an added benefit to the whole experience. I came from a big family and shared a bedroom while growing up, lived in a sorority at college, and lived in a cabin with others as a camp counselor - so I knew that group living can be enjoyable.
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    I prefer to pay extra and have a cabin/room to myself. My friends refer to it as my "only child syndrome". As an only child I always had my own space. I hope I don't sound like a snob!
  • As I have gotten older, and recognize the needs of the person I am, I know that I like my quiet time after a busy day; like to wake and sleep when I want to [these days the circadian rhythms are totally out of whack]; prefer no loud/noisy TV stuff; can be seen--preferably unseen--scantily and comfortably clothed when in my private space; come and go when I please; and wake up dreadfully early most of the time. So, whether I travel alone or with friends, I want to fully enjoy the experience, so for me that is single each her own!
  • I live alone so always have the room to myself. With RS I’m open to sharing to save the supplement cost. Had two lovely roomies and one with snoring/allegy problems that kept me awake. My issue now is the upcoming Florida Key Largo trip. The Information package statestheir suites have a bedroom with one queen size bed and a queen size sofa bed in the living room. How odd! Trying to get clarification from RS (so far without success). Who wants to have to fold and unfold their bed every day? Don’t care for this set up at all!
  • I snore. I wouldn't mind a roommate but I spare them the noise.
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    LOL this made me think of trip I took with my sister. She thought I had been kidnapped because she woke up and didn't see me. I had set up ottoman, coffee pot, laptop, books and newspapers in the bathroom before going to bed. I put a towel to block light and sound from under the door. I enjoyed my alone time in the early morning and she enjoyed her sleep.