Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

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    Oh my word...I would not be willing to sleep on a sofa bed! Nice that you had your own bathrooms though.
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    After whole day of being with people I like to be able to rest, read a book or watch what I want. Getting a good night sleep it’s very important to me when another loaded day awaits. I never had bad experience with roommates but I couldn’t relax either.
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    I have taken numerous RS trips and I much prefer a single room. I just don't want to take a chance of getting someone totally incompatible after paying so much for the trip. Also after a long day I enjoy my privacy.
  • I've asked for a roommate partly because of the generally high single supplement cost. We haven't always hung out together, but always gotten along well. As for differing schedules, especially at night, ear plugs solve problems of noise.
  • Is there anyone who would prefer to share a room versus having a private room? It's all a question of the cost. Road Scholar trips are not inexpensive, and the cost of the single supplement is usually quite prohibitive. For that reason, I've been looking at RS trips for a couple of years, but booked my first one - upcoming - only a few months ago. I will be sharing, but the room is supposed to be a suite with 2 beds in separate areas, and it's a shorter trip.
  • If I register for a double with a friend and my friend has to cancel and there is not a single room upgrade available, then am I obligated to share a room with someone I don't know?
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    Hello chinaumi, thank you for reaching out. Per the email we sent you on August 16th, if your traveling companion cancels out of the program you're attending prior to 1/20/20 you would be assigned a new roommate. If they cancel after that date you would keep the double accommodation to yourself and you will not incur any additional fees. We hope you have a wonderful time on your upcoming adventure! Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. Best, Rachel
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    I agree 100% with sunshine1002011229. In the past, I economized by getting a roommate, and it worked out fine. Now that I live alone, and can afford the difference, I find that my own room suits my situation better. Try both-- you may be surprised!
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    I have had good success with roommates. Road Scholar attracts great people. I always bring my ear plugs and sleep mask- and I bring ear plugs for my roommate as well!
  • I ask to be paired with a roommate because I don’t want to pay single supplement. It has worked out fine. I’m not in the room most the time, tired so generally sleep well. Have used my Ipod to try to cover the nosies of a roommate whose allergies and asthma was getting worse as the trip progressed. 4 trips: 2 very compatible persons, 1 okay, 1 no roommate.
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    I will not sleep on a sofa bed. It is unfair to pay the same price and one doesn’t get a bed.
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    Most the lodgings have common rooms, sitting rooms, outdoor spots where I can go for that alone time. I hate sitting around the room.
  • Not a good sleeper. I wake up at sounds or lights. I've slept alone for 20 years now and I don't think I could easily accomodate a roommate
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    That sounds like a great arrangement. I do not see many of those types of arrangements when i am looking. Would you mind sharing where the trip will be going to. I am another who prefers my own space, especially after a long day of being polite and sociable.
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    I have had great room travel with 2 of them on other trips