Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

  • I have had a roommate on several week-long elderhostels and have had no problems or complaints.
  • Always prefer a single room. I'm a guy. I like my own space at night and not having to share a bathroom. I can "lights out" any time I want and wake up whenever I want. I also travel with another company that does not charge a single supplement for your own room. Needless to say, I travel mostly with them. There are a lot of solo travelers these days. Wish RS would not charge a single supplement.
  • I have never had a bunkie, but will be sharing on my next trip(s) next month. Due to the cost of travel from California to Europe, I am taking two tours, and the additional single supplements would cost over $1000.
  • I always check for trips that do not have a single supplement first. Having an unpleasant roommate can ruin a trip. Even if they are the most pleasant person in the world snoring would dampen my spirits.
  • Single always. I never book a trip with extra charge for singles.
  • single always. I am a restless sleeper, up often in the night so don't want to inflict that on someone else. Wish there were more opportunities for solo travelers without paying almost double what everyone else is paying to go on a cruise!
  • Always a single room. If I had to share I would not travel at all, as I know it would be ruined. Its always worth the extra $$ VS a ruined trip.
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    If you have a real problem with a roommate, I'm pretty sure Road Scholar can figure out something to alleviate it. They want you back.
  • I prefer a single room but I refuse to pay the discriminating fees that are forced on singles. It's not our fault that singles rooms are not included when traveling.
  • Even traveling with a dear friend, I prefer a single accommodation. After a full day of fun new experiences, it is nice to totally relax in privacy vs putting up with each other idiosyncrasies. Years ago someone said " u never really know someone until u travel or marry them!" I always look for single availability where travel sites don't astronomically penalize the cost. Was nice to see RS had begun offering singles!
  • After seeing so many comments about solos preferring to not share rooms with a stranger, Road Scholar will start offering more no or low cost single options! The world has changed radically and the travel industry needs to embrace the solo traveler.
  • I always prefer my own room, even if it's a very small room even when traveling with friends. I think at this age a lot of us have sleep disturbance and we're just more comfortable if we know we're not disturbing someone else.
  • Of course I prefer single, but recognize that hotels charge more per person for single rooms. When the tour company doesn't charge extra, the doubles are going to be picking up the difference. It's a dilemma.
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    Perhaps if the cruise lines would frame their prices as per cabin whether there is one/two people staying in it, it would come over as more palatable. That would make it more comparable to how hotels do it. They charge for the room plus 'board' if it is all inclusive. The way it is now for most cruises, I see the price of a cruise and think 'that's OK' and then when I actually go to book it, I find out that it is going to cost me as a single person, sometimes twice the advertised price, I feel completely ripped off and punished for being single.
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    Exactly why I don't do cruises.