Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

  • I enrolled in23045 Norway. Anyone wanted to share a double? They won't let you have a double unless you can give a name,
    . They won't assign as is usual. Let me know!
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    I have the same reasons as you to want a single cabin. My friends refer to it as my "Only child syndrome". Last May I went to Alaska and came down with a bad cold the 2nd day. i spent most of the cruise in my cabin watching Alaska go by from my balcony. Pity the poor person if I had shared a cabin.
  • Have already signed up for a roommate - Gwen Trelle. We are coming to the hotel a day early and I have already contacted the hotel to be sure we are assigned a room that we can stay in for the entire vacation. Please advise that this is working!
  • I prefer my own room because I don't see a reason for myself not to have it.
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    Indeed! Often a single gets a very small room with a single bed, especially in Europe. When I come home I go out to the hotel web site to find my room was LESS money than the double room; it is designed for one. But they still stick us with a High Single Supplement :(. In the Paris hotel my room had many issues and they moved me to another room. Wow what a difference, obviously 2 people paying for that room made sense, but I was paying More for the hole I was put in. Go figure!
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    I was in a broom closet in an Amsterdam hotel back in 2008 until I said something to the hotel desk clerk. Then I was moved to a much better room, so you have to say something if you are not happy.
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    So, by paying the single supplement, we're paying the 2-person rate. Then why is Road Scholar putting us into the smaller, poorer, single room? I don't mind paying the supplement if I'm going to get the same room as the 2-person booking, as I'm paying as though I'm 2 people. The single rooms I've been in on Road Scholar trips are sub-standard.
  • I've been on 4 international RS trips. I always choose a single and so far have not been disappointed. I've had full suites all 4 times with great views . I'm disappointed to find the 41 day study tours which include language training don't offer a single except at double the price.
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    Yes, I agree, in a trip to Lithurinia a room I was given was terrable
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    Yes, I agree, in a trip to Lithurinia a room I was given was terrable
  • Would like a compatible roommate to save money. Otherwise I would want a double size room that I would be paying for