Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

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    I, too, like having a roommate ... as long as they don't snore. I'm a light sleeper, and if I can't sleep, my days are ruined. I wish there were a way to designate "non-snorers only"!
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    Only problem is, many who snore aren't even aware that they do so. So someone may assert that they do not
    snore, unaware of the fact that they DO snore.
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    I agree someone might not know they snore. People who never snored in their life can start due to any number of reasons - a new medication, getting a little heavier or even just getting a little older. And they won't know until they're sharing a room already and it's too late. So I recommend everyone download an app to find out. I like SnoreClock, a free app that records you at night so you can hear first hand whether you snore and even if you might have sleep apnea.
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    What a great idea!
  • I would cinsider a roommate if Road Scholar would make sure they were a nonsmoker. However when I asked, the staff said they will not ask.
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    As I remember, the one time that I signed up for a double allowing RS to assign a roommate, I was asked whether I was smoker. Many of the hotels that RS uses are nonsmoking facilities, even some of those abroad. I expect if you asked a different RS rep you would get a different answer.
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    As another light sleeper, I offer 2 words: ear plugs!
  • Personally, I would never take pot luck on a roommate I didn't know. I figure if I can't afford the SS (although it galls me to pay it) then I just won't go. I'm a light sleeper and if anyone snores (and most people do it seems) then I can't sleep. I use earplugs and sound apps on my iPhone but that doesn't always work. Finally, I don't think anyone snores should subject someone else to their noise. They definitely should get a single room. (Note: And although I love RS, Overseas Adventure Travel doesn't charge a SS on most of their trips if you reserve early enough.)
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    They don’t let you know. You find out onsite when your roommate doesn’t materialize. I think they want to-keep their options open in the event someone signs up at the last minute.
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    I've tried both ways. I tend to prefer a single, even given the additional cost. That said, I really enjoyed the bunk mate I had on a RS trip to CR, and certainly became closer to her than if we had had singles. Very glad that there are other people who travel alone!
  • Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could cope with having a roommate. I tend to stay up later than most people and need to read in order to fall asleep. Even when I have shared a b & b room with my sister, I have lost hours of sleep. I defer to her and turn the light out early. Then if I can't sleep and can't turn on the light and read (as I would do if I were alone), I might be awake for two hours or more, and it's torture just to lie there not being able to fall asleep. With a stranger, I think this would be even more the case.

    Besides, as others have noted, one needs one's privacy after a whole day of being with other people, which can be strenuous if one is of an introverted nature.