Single room vs. Roommate

As a solo traveler, do you prefer a single room or ask to be paired with a roommate? Why?

  • Single. I do not sleep through the night and tend to work, read or watch television at 1:30 am or other times. It is not conducive to having a roommate.
  • As a male, i always get a single room. It seems to be a gender thing as almost no male will usually want to share a room with a strange male, but on RS trips many females are willing to do so. To me it is worth any extra cost to have a single room.
  • Always a single. Like the privacy.
  • When I was younger I always requested a roommate to save money and because getting to sleep wasn't a problem. I always had pleasant roommates and a friend for the duration of the trip. Now I get a single. If I'm up at night I am not disturbing anyone.
  • I prefer a single however I usually go by the cost of the supplement. If it's very high I ask to be paired. I've noticed that a few other tour companies waive the single supplement on all trips-wish Road Scholar would do this.
  • Single room. I like to be able to sleep when I want, or stay up all night if I cant skeep. I think the single supplements are usually too high. They are high on any trip, not just RS.
  • I prefer single. I have tried double but it hasn't worked. I don't like the TV on all night when I am trying to sleep, or the clutter. Last roommate kept inviting her friends in for late night chats when I was in bed.
  • Single - traveling is too expensive to have my experience potentially ruined by an incompatible roommate. Plus, I love to be in hotel rooms alone - such a luxurious break from the every day.
  • I prefer my own room and will pay for one as long as the additional expense is less than $250. I just like my own space. Having said that, I've taken many trips and shared a room and have never had a bad experience.
  • I like having a roommate. I have meet many amazing friends that way.
  • It depends on the cost of the single supplement. I have had roommates most of the time and have been very lucky, and made some friends.
  • I have tried sharing a room one time only. It was not with Road Scholar. It was a hellish experience and I ended up sleeping on the balcony on some nights. The lady had many emotional problems and I actually became scared of her. I woke up one morning with her standing over me screaming profanities at me for example. She got upset when I wanted to watch tv at 2 pm while she napped! I am almost positive that the people who travel Road Scholar would not be like this, as they are a different kind of traveller, but I am still very nervous about trying it again.
  • A friend and I travel together on Road Scholar trips but we each reserve a single room. We each live alone at home and are used to our privacy and space. While on the trip, we do many things together within the group and during free time during the day and even get together in one of our rooms for a pre-dinner cocktail at times, but each of us also enjoys a few hours on our own and space enough to spread out. And I am really not at all interested in rooming with a stranger. I think that having a single room is worth the extra money for a land tour. It is considerably more expensive to room by yourself on a cruise, but I am not a fan of cruises so I don't worry about that.
  • A single traveler on one of our trips said she always requested a roommate but many times there was not another single woman in the group. (She also said that for four nights she could manage having a new-to-her roommate.) On another trip two singles didn't match very well but there was another single. Midway through they swapped and everyone was happy.
  • I prefer to have a single room, so that I don't have to worry about conflicting Awake and Sleep schedules. If I'm around people all day long, I prefer to be alone in the evening.