Best places for solo travel

What are your favorite places to travel to on your own?

  • I went to Christmas in Sedona this year and it was wonderful. I chose to have a single room which I recommend if you can afford it. The room was fabulous. Many single women traveling on that trip. It was great but A little too cold for me. Signed up for Christmas in Key West as soon as I got home.
  • I've taken several road scholar trips on my own, and have always found at least one, if not more, people to "buddy up" with during the trip, feel included, and have a wonderful time. It's the main reason I use Road Scholar. I still have friends I met on Road Scholar trips.
  • On the basis of my trip to Cuba, I think that trips where the single supplement is waived attract more singles. We had a very congenial group of eight, with only one couple. One of the most fun RS trips I have ever taken!
  • All of them. Don't let solo travel hold you back from enjoying something you love. I am so glad Road Scholar has adopted the term solo versus single. There are many married women who travel solo. I have take many RS trips as a solo traveler. I traveled for work so maybe it's me but I am fine on my own. I am not shy but let people have their alone time as well on trips and have found people more apt to enjoy your company once they know you are not looking to attach yourself to them. I have a good friend I met on a short trip and we have visited and remained friends for years.
  • Quick answer - all of the ones I've experienced. I've gone on a dozen RS trips about 1/3 solo, others with a local friend. With the exception of Peru (which was undersubscribed -- only three couples), there have been solo travelers who hooked up for meals and usually for the activities. In most groups, folks meet up at night, usually in the breakfast room and/or classroom to chat, do crafts, play cards or board games etc. What I've found unique in RS programs is the special effort made to draw folks together--to provide the fullest opportunity to make new friends/acquaintances, but not being aggressive about it.
  • Since I live in Arizona, Sedona is a marvelous place to go whether solo or with others. But to answer the question,
    I can't think of a place that I wouldn't travel to solo. In general, I prefer to travel solo, but I always look forward to
    meeting, and interacting with, others on the trip. In addition, I always have the option of exploring by myself, or
    tagging along with others.
  • I have really enjoyed doing the 3 week French Immersion: A Key to the Francophone World (#2764) program at the University of Quebec in Trois Rivieres, Canada. I've done the program twice and plan on returning every few years. Participants are housed in modern 4 bedroom apartment dorms. It's a great way to meet people. Our little group of 4 women would often meet in the afternoon back at the apartment to share wine, nibbles, and stories. One roommate and I would take early morning walks on the nearby biking/walking trails. We enjoyed our time together and I invited her to visit me in Ithaca, NY where we then took the Hiking the Fingerlakes Trails: Trees and Gorges in Wine Country (#12667)
  • I am brand new to RS. I live in Hawaii and am looking to start traveling solo! Sounds like I found the right company to start my adventures with. Now, if I could only make a decision on where to start - so much to chose from!!! Thanks for the encouragement to travel solo that I read in the previous posts. I appreciate it! - Cat
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    To PunaCat: sounds as though you have the right attitude for solo travel. Welcome aboard, the world is yours now.
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    Prefer solo travel since my husband does not wish to travel. Found people to be very friendly .
    Plan on taking more trips soon. Would love to find an active, joyful female travel partner. Visited Cuba, Vietnam, Thailand, Hawaii, South America Cape, Italy, British Isles. Interested in more North American travel. Cruises ar fine.
    Happy adventures!!!!!!!!
  • I have traveled alone (not with RS) all over the USA and with a little care, never feel unsafe. I often do AirBnB as I feel a carefully selected in-home stay is safer and less impersonal than a big resort or other hotel. I also recently took a trip to Norway on my own (highly recommended) and a river cruise in the Netherlands and Belgium to see tulips. It does take more work to find those companies and cruises which charge a low (or no) single supplement, but it can be done. I recently retired, so am traveling more often now, and looking forward to my first RS trip to Costa Rica in 2018.
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    Wow, what a mix these responses are! I am going on my first trip in March to New Orleans with RS. It's also my first solo trip. Your cruise remark caught my eye. I've always wanted to do another Carribean or River cruise. Maybe that's a possibility?
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    Traditional ocean cruises are not solo friendly, as most charge 150-200% single supplement. You may find some lower supplements on a site like Vacations To Go, and you can check out the Solo Cruisers forum on as well. For river cruises, certain cruise lines offer no or low single supplements. This includes Vantage, Gate 1, and AMAwaterways. I have never seen this on the more highly advertised cruise lines such as Viking. OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) and Grand Circle also offer low or no single supplements on some of their tours, as does Road Scholar.