Best places for solo travel

What are your favorite places to travel to on your own?

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    I am not a cruise fan but I do believe two of the Anthem ships are now outfitted with single balcony rooms with no supplement. I think the cruise industry is realizing they are missing out on a very large market of solo travelers. Took them long enough!

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    Yes, there are a few cruise lines that have a few ships (NCL) with single cabins (I don't need a balcony). I definitely do not like the huge megaships like the Anthem or Oasis of the Seas (RCCL) though.
  • In answer to the original question posed, I assume that you want to know where we like to travel on our own and not with a group. I consider all travel with RS as "group travel", not really on my own. I have traveled a great deal for work and pleasure and I have found cities (with the exception perhaps of Istanbul) best for traveling alone on my own. Usually, there is public transportation to get me to places and back; a variety of options, such as museums, concerts and restaurants; and there are usually good maps as well. If a city has an "old" section, I usually stay there for a bit more sense of unique culture and history in its architecture.
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    Good Afternoon! I retired recently, widowed, and have just signed up for several short RS US trips to get my feet wet! I traveled a lot for business and always made an effort to take in any local sights.j I have heard so many good things about AirBnB and I'm looking forward to giving those a try. Do you have any suggestions for the novice adventurer? Susan
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    I think you’re doing the right thing. I’ve been on seven RS international trips as a single and have always had a wonderful experience. People are welcoming and inclusive. Last October I cobbled two RS trips together with a week in between in Paris. I stayed in two AirBnBs - one larger one because I was with a friend and a tiny one when I was on my own. Both hosts were very helpful and both apartments were well-located, well- equipped, and inexpensive. Both had kitchens and the larger one had a washer and dryer. This year I’m going to Australia and New Zealand with RS and I planned my own trip to Mongolia and Beijing.
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    I have used Airbnb only once when I went to London with my daughter, son-in-law, and my grandsons a few years ago. I have read many horror stories about Airbnb but also some good ones but we decided to give it a try because people we know have had good experiences. We rented an amazing four-storey "terrace house" that belonged to a lawyer (who went to stay with a friend). We were supposed to stay at another house, rather funky in its decoration, but its owner notified us that their bathroom pipe had a leak just before our trip and she arranged for us to stay at this other house. I think that in terms of cost, we paid probably about the same as we would have at a hotel for the five of us but the set-up was much better for a family and we had so much more space as well as private individual space. We were in a quiet residential neighborhood near bus stops and a home-made ice cream place (what can be better for kids!) There was a large and creative playground just a few blocks away. Although we were supposed to be members to use the playground, the administrator let my grandsons played there. The best thing for us is that we didn't have to worry about strangers entering our rooms when we were out and we could eat breakfasts and some dinners "home". It worked out really well. It was much more relaxing than staying in a hotel. I think there is an article in the New York Times today about Airbnb. It suggested that you carefully check out the details and read reviews. I frankly won't stay in a place with the owner(s) still in situ.
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    I live in Texarkana. I have taken 6 RS trips. Most with my husband but 2 were solo. I prefer a roommate.
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    Hi Susan, I really enjoyed my first road scholar trip- kayaking the Columbia river, the second trip was hiking and rafting the Rogue River . Leaving tomorrow for a Belize trip. I have met wonderful people on these travels. Colette
  • I travel in the USA, Canada, and Mexico on my own, but many times I am more comfortable as a solo in a group (like RS) in other countries, although I did go to Norway on my own (AirBnB was great there). Just wish that RS had more no or low single supplement trips.