Positive Road Scholar Experiences for Single traveler

I'm thinking of taking a trip with Road Scholar and prefer the privacy of my own room but would like to spend time with others at meals etc.  I don't want to find myself in a situation where everyone knows someone.  How many sociable single travelers might one expect on any given trip?

  • I have attended several RS programs as a single. Never had a problem socializing or getting together with others during free time. After several trips when I signed up to put up with a roommate and ending up in single room, I just sign up for single so RS doesn't have to absorb the cost since I can afford it. During my most recent trip to Costa Rica, many of us met at the bar before dinner including the program leaders. The bus driver didn't speak much English but was included in our friendly group social time. I like "spreading" out in my own room and not worry about hanging some laundry out to dry.
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    My first RS trip I asked to be paired with another female. When I arrived I found I had a room to myself. Later found that there was another female traveller who'd asked for a roommate but also had a room to herself. A few days into the trip I found out why: They had planned to room me with the solo male and then thought better of it when they heard my voice on the phone when I called the hotel to say that I'd be arriving a little bit late. Someone apparently figured my name could be a guy's name and didn't check further.
  • Going on my second trip as a solo traveler in September. My first experience was wonderful. Our group had about 28 travelers and I never felt isolated. Everyone was approachable, helpful, and interesting. Everyone was well mannered and conversation was easy. At the group dinners never any issues finding someone to speak to and enjoy the meal. And for the meals that were not included small groups got together and shared meals. If you are one that prefers not to engage in group meals you could always get your meal to go and eat in your room. But I would recommend spending time with your travel mates as the group I was with was very interesting and I learned from them!
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    Are you going on the Japan trip Oct 16th?
  • I've been on several RS trips and am going to Japan in October. If I travel alone, I always get my own room but I've always found the group to be friendly, inclusive and interested in meeting others. I would guess the average single on a trip is 3.
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    Last year was my first RS experience as a solo traveler (widow), and I never felt that I was being left out of anything. On the first evening where we all became acquainted, I stood up and gave a quick little hello from my part of the world, only to find two other ladies traveling with RS also for the first time, who literally lived 5 miles away from me! It is really a small world!
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    I am traveling solo on my first RS trip to Tennessee (Train) Smokey Mtns. Want to try it out for future trips. Your posts have been very positive. Looking forward to my trip in October. Never been to these parts of our country.