Positive Road Scholar Experiences for Single traveler

I'm thinking of taking a trip with Road Scholar and prefer the privacy of my own room but would like to spend time with others at meals etc.  I don't want to find myself in a situation where everyone knows someone.  How many sociable single travelers might one expect on any given trip?

  • Have been on many RS trips; always solo. This is first trip where I was the only person not traveling with a companion. I never felt left out, enjoyed my alone time and met some interesting people. No worries.
  • To aalbrecht - Though I've only taken 1 trip with RS (so far), I was a single and I found that everyone was friendly
    and welcoming. It seems that couples are especially eager to invite solos into their company. I don't think you
    will regret taking a trip with RS as a solo, and the various threads on these discussion boards that reference solo
    travel seem to bear this out.
  • Hi,
    I just returned as a solo traveler from a Women at the Fire trip to Corning, NY. It was great! Several single travelers were paired with others, but I had my own room, as did at least 2 others. Meals are communal, and the outings were designed to get us all interacting together. Our group was 18 women, and about half were meeting for the first time. Go for it. You'll be in good company.
  • Hi!I'm going solo to be able to hike with a group. My guess is that there will be more single travelers than couples because when I was married never would have needed to go with a group. I think most couples travel as couples and singles join these kinds of groups so as not to have to travel alone and to find comaraderie. So I would say don't worry.
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    My first RS trip was last year and I went with a long-time friend. There were several single ladies on the trip and we ended up hanging out with them, some were also traveling with a friend and some were solo. There were a couple of times my friend and I went different ways on free time, and there was always someone else willing to go along with either of us. The couples we met were all friendly and inclusive, we never encountered any problems and got along with everyone.
    This year I decided to go alone on another RS trip this October. I'm not worried about going it alone as I'm not afraid to speak up or introduce myself. I also don't have a problem going off on my own, depending on the situation.
  • I've been on 8 trips with RS as a single male and have found most groups were inclusive of everyone. (Actually, I've only felt excluded by one.) I've usually been the only single guy which presents its own sort of problems Luckily, although I don't like eating by myself, I really prefer to visit museums (that shows the sort of trips I usually take) on my own. In general, don't be afraid of traveling solo and don't be too shy. If no one else breaks the ice, then you can.
  • Took my first solo trip to Tahiti with RS last year. The people in the group were fun, friendly, interesting and welcoming! The trip leader reserved tables for dinner each evening, so there were always people to dine with. I was a bit nervous about going solo, but from the first day, it was awesome! (Going back next year!!!)

    My sister and I were to go to Spain in January, but she had to cancel last minute. Once again I went solo. There were 5 other solo travelers in the group, plus couples who were fun-loving and welcoming! My experience is that is one is open, interested in others, friendly and pleasant, you will never lack for companionship when you wish to enjoy it.
  • I just returned from a trip to China. Of the 24 members, seven were single travelers.
  • I always get my own room and,as a single, I have always found very congenial singles and couples on RS. Go for it!
  • I just went on my first solo trip to the Grand Canyon. There were other single ladies and one single man. Everyone got along and were very friendly. I sat at meals with nearly everyone at different times, couples included. I think I met and had a conversation with just about everyone on the trip. Had a fantastic time and was very happy to have a room to myself!
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    I too often travel solo and I encountered these same situations on my 1st RS tour. I felt stung by them, but quickly learned that it's up to me to enjoy the trip and people as a whole. Yes, these things are best reacted to by dismissing them with a smile!