Traveling alone

Does Road Scholar make single travelers feel included?

  • I have done trips as a single with Road Scholar in the US and overseas and have always been comfortable. The other singles and couples are always welcoming and make sure to include you in meals and excursions. Don’t let being a single keep you from travelling with Road Scholar. Pick a trip a go for it. You won’t regret it.
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    That is so good to hear. This will be my first time traveling alone. Your input makes me feel more reassured.
    Thanks, Kathy
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    Thank you! Despite two Road Scholar trips as a solo, I'm nervous about a Greek cruise - group size is 30, and could be more since the ship has 25 cabins. A prior trip had me dining alone a lot on free time days since everyone scattered.
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    I have traveled twice as a single with RS. The group leader makes sure everyone is comfortable. If you feel stressed talk to your group leader. That's what they're there for.
  • The direct answer is yes. Since my wife passed away nearly 3 years ago, I only travel solo. I've take 2 RS trips as a solo,
    and on both trips, I was immediately made to feel welcome by everyone. I never ate alone, was often invited to accompany a group of 4 or 6 others to go to a restaurant, and would engage (or be engaged) in wonderful and enlightening conversations
    with a variety of interesting people.
  • Look for postings on this forum under "Solo Travel". Using the word "alone" tends not apply to RS. You are traveling with a group of people who tend to be inclusive. I always travel solo and plan ahead for free time. More often than naught people join me; both couples and solos. It is also nice to have some alone time to recharge, move at your own pace and when you rejoin the group you have something new to talk about. No worries.
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    To CT_PBW : One day our paths will cross in a RS trip. I look forward to that day.
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    Thank you...I just returned from a trip with another was a fantastic experience and made me realize that while its the itinerary, the people and the group leader that help make the experience, I also have to do my part. Fair winds & following seas to all.
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    If you hope to avoid dining alone on the days with free time, you probably should start sounding people out before the free time. Ask people what their plans are and indicate that you are interested in joining others. Or if there is a restaurant you have in mind, let others know and maybe you can help arrange a small group outing.
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    Number 1 piece of advice: move your thinking from "alone" to "solo". I just returned from a solo trip, and mostly we didn't even know who was solo and who wasn't! I never had to eat or sit by myself--whenever I asked if I might join a group, I was ALWAYS welcomed!
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    Wow! Thanks. Very good to know!
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    I used that term "solo" on my very first trip with RS and I think it started a movement. Since that trip I have noted it being used more and more. Solo people are not always single.
  • I've been on 8 RS trips with my sister. There have always been solo travelers (usually women but not always). The group (including us) always tried to include them, hiking with them, asking them to sit at the table, etc. Because of that I feel confident that my first solo trip (beginning in December) will go well. I am doing the Adventures Afloat Grand Odyssey (140 days!!!!!). It will be an interesting variant on my usual RS trip, there will be people on for the entire voyage, people on for individual portions, people on the VTA ship but not RS for the whole trip, or for individual legs. Also there are a significant number of single cabins, so I'm assuming there will be many solo travelers. Nothing like diving into the deep end with solo travel!

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    WOW. That is confidence at it's best. I am sure with your outlook it will be a trip of a lifetime. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Solo Strong!
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    Alone and lonely are not synonyms. I love being with people, but I need my time alone. On my one RS trip (French Immersion) I had to carve out time to be alone. I was so impressed with the depth of the people in our class. Conversation never lagged.