Traveling alone

Does Road Scholar make single travelers feel included?

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    I agree and have said same above. Don't know that I ever used the word lonely.

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    Love this piece of advice.  I have always been concerned about traveling "solo".  That idea has kept me from going on some interesting trips.  This advice helps me to embrace a "solo" trip soon.  I've been looking at the RS trips and this piece of advice will help me to take the plunge.  

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    I returned mid-May from the RS "Voyage of a Lifetime" and it was fantastic!! We left the first week of Jan, so it was only slightly shorter than your trip. Our group of about 24 had 3 couples and everyone else was solo, the personalities were diverse, but we all mixed well, and I am still in disbelief (more like mourning) that such a fantastic voyage actually ended. I was looking at your Grand Odyssey and would definitely be joining you but I have two pups and while my friends are very generous with pet sitting I feel like I can't ask again so soon.

    Have a wonderful time and savor every minute!! Don't worry for a second about being solo or the "odd man out" I can't imagine it happening.
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    Again, your reply urges me onward and to embrace these wonderful trip offerings not only from RS, but from other I wondered if this was your first solo trip, and if so, what made you make that move; take that chance? I have a "feeling" that I'm probably older than you, altho very active and still working P/T. You might say, I'm a slow learner and just putting my toes in the "solo" waters.
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    Your chances of 'being alone' as you travel solo on a RS trip are, in the words of Dr. Watson to Holmes, "Not bloody
    likely" . I'm tempted to say your chances are "fat", as in "Fat chance!" Have a wonderful time.
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    The world cruise that I did earlier this year was my 3rd RS trip and my next one will be next week. My first trip was with friends, the second was a two week trip where I elected to be matched with a roommate who turned out to be wonderful. People in our group were asking if we had been high school pals now reunited...haha. On this next trip I will again be matched with an unknown roommate, after all we are sharing the same interest.

    In addition to RS I have done other trips as a solo, tho most often I travel with family and friends.

    I love my solitude but that is available anywhere. I close my eyes, put in my ear buds and I am anywhere I want to be (beach, church, concert) regardless of what is going on around me.

    One piece of advice I would offer is that in general RS travelers are mature, well educated and well-traveled. I am quite outgoing but I usually quiet down and just take in the opinions and contributions of other groups members and enjoy my fellow travelers and avoid conflict. Only I know if I agree with them or not.... just more of my educational experience to take in provided by RS. LOL!
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    Well said. I too have learned to sit back and soak in what others have to offer. Have had lots of laughs and learned so much from the most unexpected encounters.
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    This advice is invaluable to me. Chatting with the various RS solo travelers has been an eye opener and has helped me embrace taking a "solo" journey, which looks like, if what I have heard from all the RS travelers, not a solo journey after all. Many thanks.
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    I'd like to offer this tip to help you get started with solo travel. Start with a shorter trip. I started with Signature City Quebec and loved it. A shorter trip helps you learn the Road Scholar style of travel. You will see their structure and next time it will all be less stressful. I've traveled solo 4x with RS (in one year) and never regretted a moment. I've met some fantastic fellow travelers. Each time it gets easier because you learn how to go with the flow. Keep in mind that other people are shy, too. Helping them get comfortable helps you.
    Most tour leaders are very skilled in making the group work well together. And you are all in that particular destination because it called you. In my most recent trip, a week ago, the group leader organized a dinner on unscheduled evenings. Everyone was welcome to join her. We met in the hotel lobby and walked to dinner together. You'd be surprised how many people didn't make other plans. And her restaurant choice was always fabulous.
    So there's a certain level of trust required to take the first leap. Ask yourself, am I getting any younger?
    Best wishes, Jane, solo traveler
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    Hi Jane

    Each email from you and others breaks down my previous resistance to traveling solo,. I have 5 sisters, but none of them, for various reasons, would be a good travel companion for me. Plus, amazingly, all my friends from 32-82 are either married, or not available to travel due to time and/or funds. I do not know anyone that has traveled solo, so all of the RS travelers' comments are a huge incentive to me to take that trip, regardless, and meet new friends along the way. I have a bucket trip list, but will heed your advice to start with a shorter trip.

    Happy Traveling
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    Donna, I suggest choosing a trip that does not schedule many meals on your own as your first trip. You also might consider traveling to a country whose language you know. As Jane suggested, I think Canada is a good place to start and if you want to go farther afield, choose a trip in the UK. There are numerous options.
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    That last bit is such great advice! I am taking my first RS trip solo first week of October (Best of New Mexico), and am a bit nervous about it. The only other similar thing I did was take Amtrak from Chicago to Salt Lake by myself - and I very much did what you said when I ate with other wonderful people ... I just listened ALOT! Was very surprised at the variety of people traveling that way. I'm on the younger end of the spectrum (50s) and I do like to talk, and converse with anyone. My daughter yells at me all the time at restaurants for starting conversations with strangers!
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    Love this thread! I've taken 10 RS trips, all solo, and am about to embark on #11 (Western Caribbean cruise in March). I've never had issues going solo and it's funny how the solos all find each other right away. I'm still in touch with the solos I met on my Nashville/Memphis trip last April.

    I've never had a problem with dining - I was worried about my first RS trip (New Orleans) because we had a couple of free nights for dinner but I had more invitations than I needed! Actually on that trip, I think I was the only solo (unusual in my experience) but it didn't matter since I met some great couples and a pair of sisters traveling together who sort of adopted me. I was 50 when I did that trip and am now 57. I'm usually one of the youngest on any RS tour but I don't mind. I'm always amazed at the breadth of experience and education of my fellow RS participants. I always learn a lot on these trips and not just from the instructors.
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    Small world, sort of! I'm taking my first RS trip solo in September (also Best of New Mexico). I lived in New Mexico (Albuquerque mostly) during the 80's and fell in love with it. My heart has been yearning to make a pilgrimage back there. Now that I'm retired (I'm 66, female, single again for years), I'm taking advantage of this program as my dream trip back to the Land of Enchantment. I'm the type who likes being around other people but also appreciate my own company, especially when it comes time to sleep, which is why I opt for the single upgrade. But when I'm awake, I love meeting new people and learning from them and sharing experiences. I'm looking forward to hearing from and meeting the other travelers who are signing up for the Best of New Mexico!
  • My first RS solo trip was to the Scottish Highlands last year and I had wonderful time. The small group I was with was inclusive and I made several friends, and also with a married couple that continued after the trip. I am pretty much a loner and do not mind eating and exploring by myself so I guess that helps, but at the same time I am not hesitant to walk up to someone and start talking. I had such a good time I am taking another solo trip next month. I feel safe and secure with RS and will be traveling with them again and again.