Solo travel

I would like to travel with a roommate. I am a retired Earth Science teacher, female. My husband and I have been on 5 RS TRIPS. He cannot travel right now because of family obligation. I live in the Texarkana area.

  • Well, with Road Scholar you have the option to not pay the single supplement and to be matched with a roommate. Or were you wanting to try and meet up with someone ahead of time? I've done 10 Road Scholar tours as a solo traveler and it's a wonderful way to enjoy seeing new places and learning new things!

  • It appears I am the only one on the planet who must drive a long distance to the nearest airport. Living in rural America is sweetly quiet and beautiful but traveling alone is a bit more challenging. My husband and I usually drive to RS trips but sometimes we must drive then fly. I have never met anyone from my area on a RS trip. The closest airport is Texarkana.
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    Good to hear, Pam! Favorite trips for a solo?
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    Well, LynnieKeller....ALL of them, hahaha!! I guess my favorite European trip was the Brittany and Normandy one. Tied for 2nd is the one to Cornwall and the one to Wales. I like all of them because you are getting to places that are hard to see without driving and no way am I going to drive over there! I love the smaller towns and villages.

    LSScoggins, I also live in a fairly rural area. It's an hour to the nearest airport and that gets me on a commuter flight to Salt Lake City where I can get on a plane to take me somewhere, lol. I suspect the same is true for you and bet you have to go to Dallas or someplace like that. The RS programs I've driven to were in Yellowstone (9.5 hour drive) and then I drove to one in SLC (14 hour drive).

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    going up the Mississippi there is a lot of things to do by yourself I even has a room-mate which I didn't get along with. You can even join the other groups . What I like is the hop on and off bus that is in every port the ship stopped at.
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    Great going Florence. I took a freighter in the S Pacific solo and it was great but sharing it would have been even better.