Hello travelers going on the Odyssey Cairo, Nile and Lake Nasser end of January Tour, Where are you?


I’ve have looked and looked for fellow travelers who are also going on this trip and cant find any others, bummer. But I’m going! Will I have the boats and tours all to myself?

I just finished finding and purchasing my flight. RS did thier best at trying to find flights for me but I needed Business class and they were just a little to expensive for me. They did offer it out of my local airport, now I’ll have to depart out of LAX. It’s about a 3 hour drive from my house, I’m not looking forward to the drive home when the tour is all over. After traveling from Cairo (23 hour flight) then a 3 hour drive home is going to be a long 2 days! I think I’ll just find a hotel near LAX for the night and drive home the next day. I’ll sleep for a week when I finally do get home, after the flights, tour and driving I’m going to be dragging! I sure hope they sell Red Bull in Egypt or I’ll be missing a few sights. I figure I can always rest up on the Lake and Nile tours too.

Im looking forward to meeting anybody going on the trip. I’ve met a few nice people already here on RS.. Along with the nice folks in theTravel Department who tried their best for me. Victor was very kind, thank you Victor!

  • I’m a solo out of San Diego. I’m going three days early arriving in Cairo on Jan 28. I’m staying at pyramids hotel . I’m looking forward to this trip and I am looking forward to meeting our group. It looks like there are ten of us .
  • By the way, my name is Joyce . As I said I’m sorry n San Diego and going on the 27 out of jfk
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    Joyce nice to meet you! We have today and tomorrow and that’s finally it! No more waiting, it’s ginally here. Are you ready? I just need to pick up some clothes having some alterations, then I can finally pack. I’m not bringing any dress-up clothes to speak of. Everything I’ve read said they didn’t pack any. I’m bringing the most very minimum. I’m flying United & Lufthansa, the cost of extra baggage weights is outrageous. Anything over 50 Ibs. is $200. 71 ibs. is $400! So I’m flying “light” lol, that’s real hard for me. I bring the kitchen sink normally. We’ll have to “hang out” some. I don’t know how many singles, did you say there was 10? I saw a total of 24 people on the Tour. I’d be happy if there was 10 singles, if so we’ll have our own little group! Either way I’m going to have a blast, I’m so excited! Your in San Diego? I’m up around Hesperia/Victorville. I depart from Ontario, to bad San Diego is 2 1/2 hours away from me or I would have come down to fly together. But we’ll Tour together and still have tons of fun, see you soon! Write me back, if you have time. : )
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    Hi, I’m excited. I’m in nyc for a few days to get a little jet lag out of the way. I leave Sunday on egyptair and arrive Monday. I’ll be at tour hotel for those three days. I’m looking forward to meeting you and “/hanging out “. This should be a fun , informative trip. Road Scholar always provide good interesting tours that keep you on the move. See you Wednesday!
  • Hi,
    I'm looking at taking this trip in February and would love to hear about your experience and any advice you have. I'll be traveling with my husband and think that the two cruises are better than flying and taking the train. We looked at the Best of Egypt Trip also and think that the Odyssey Cairo, Nile, and Lake Nasser Tour is a better option. Any feedback from you and other fellow travelers would be appreciated.