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I have been on many trips as a solo traveler without a roommate and have had mixed experiences.  On a recent trip as the only one without a partner I was frequently asked to change my place at the table so couples could sit together, and I would get moved down to the far end of the table.   With other groups though, if I offered to move I was reassured it wasn't necessary as they didn't need to sit together all the time.  Groups have different temperaments.  Another time several of the hotels had tables set up for exactly four people and I was pretty much excluded from this set up. Or the  dinner on your own would occur after a free afternoon or siesta time so I was alone because couples, (including) roommates made their plans when I wasn't around so I had no way to ask or be asked to join anyone.  One time we were so many single women that a consensus  was never reached and we just had pizza in the hotel.

I want to emphasize that uncomfortable situations have been the exception, but I always know  that they may arise, and I certainly won't let such occurrences spoil my trip. But also, before choosing a trip, I check how many dinners are not included, and this is part of my decision. Occasionally I  travel with all women, not with Road Scholar, and there the group leader usually suggests a place, and most people including the leader go together. But in my experience Road Scholar leaders generally are not around when plans are being made and are not involved in the process.  

Other than meals, almost everything is done as a group, and the group is usually together just before the free times, so plans can be made with  others.  So I may set out with others, but often prefer to go at my own pace and follow my own interests. Still I never hesitate to travel with Road Scholar as the problems I mentioned are definitely the exception.

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    Yes you are right. I always like to see a mix of people so that there is a balance in the group and not dominance by one group. But we need to be realistic.
  • I feel that when you do not find people to connect with the outside group activities become a little difficult to manage because the focus is too much into a shopping trip and at this time in my life am looking for experiences and culture of the country more than a shopping trip.
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    Thanks. It is good to know that things do happen I was not aware since I just joined the group a couple of years ago. Let us try to enjoy all we can
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    In those instances I'll take a taxi if necessary and go do something I prefer doing. Often I have an agenda already planned for free time. Anyone interested in coming is welcome, if not I'll see you all later :).
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    I can join in with your idea
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    This is what happens when a group or mostly couples dominate and you have to look around for a seat available to sit down and would like to be included and participate in the group company. I am going to have a roommate during the Best of Europe next week and I hope and pray for a good experience because sometimes people take off on their own and they do not make you inclusive to do things together as roommates since we are in the same room and we are not strangers. I do my part to be friendly but if the other person comes with her own agenda it does not happen. Let us enjoy the Best of Europe and hopefully we should spend the time having a great time. Avy
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    I was in a trip last year and there was a person who really did not belong on the trip. I do not know how RS can do a screening on this
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    The first night of a Grand Canyon trip which included hiking to the bottom and back out again, the leaders took us out on a "test hike". 2 people out of 20 decided to drop out, I'm not sure if they were urged or not. I thought it was a really great idea, not trusting that people had adequately prepared themselves, but making sure they had!
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    I agree with all of your comments, bluebearmom! Some friends say "How do you dare start out by yourself on such a trip?" I say, "Every time I leave my house, I put myself at risk driving a car!" Others say "Won't you be lonely?" I say, "I have lonely times wherever I am, so why should I stay home because of this concern?" Nothing ventured, truly nothing gained!
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    Hello OSTERFARMS. Your comments are spot on concerning how the typical RS roadie approaches life in general,
    and RS adventures in particular.
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    Hello Avy,
    I am also a widow and love to travel. I just retired but all my friends are married. Do you have any trips planned for this year (2019)? I now live in FL but lived in Indianapolis for many years. Would it be possible to speak with you? I have never taken a RS trip but I am looking at the one to Slovenia. I look forward to hearing from you. Marilyn
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    I have experienced that on many trips where people just don’t bother to read the info. Or they don’t care. If a larger group it doesn’t matter; small groups it will hamper the activities and mood. I may not join every meal (have to eat lighter sometimes) or not venture along or every hike becuase I’d like some quiet time. But I do my best to pay attention to activities and the requirements of a location - altitude, humidity, etc.