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I have been on many trips as a solo traveler without a roommate and have had mixed experiences.  On a recent trip as the only one without a partner I was frequently asked to change my place at the table so couples could sit together, and I would get moved down to the far end of the table.   With other groups though, if I offered to move I was reassured it wasn't necessary as they didn't need to sit together all the time.  Groups have different temperaments.  Another time several of the hotels had tables set up for exactly four people and I was pretty much excluded from this set up. Or the  dinner on your own would occur after a free afternoon or siesta time so I was alone because couples, (including) roommates made their plans when I wasn't around so I had no way to ask or be asked to join anyone.  One time we were so many single women that a consensus  was never reached and we just had pizza in the hotel.

I want to emphasize that uncomfortable situations have been the exception, but I always know  that they may arise, and I certainly won't let such occurrences spoil my trip. But also, before choosing a trip, I check how many dinners are not included, and this is part of my decision. Occasionally I  travel with all women, not with Road Scholar, and there the group leader usually suggests a place, and most people including the leader go together. But in my experience Road Scholar leaders generally are not around when plans are being made and are not involved in the process.  

Other than meals, almost everything is done as a group, and the group is usually together just before the free times, so plans can be made with  others.  So I may set out with others, but often prefer to go at my own pace and follow my own interests. Still I never hesitate to travel with Road Scholar as the problems I mentioned are definitely the exception.

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    Have taken 3 RS trips solo and have never had a problem. Almost all participants are friendly and inclusive and there always solo travelers on my trips.
  • I have only traveled as a solo once when my roommate got sick in country and missed almost all the trip. I was lucky that I made friends with another lady who didn't have a roommate. She and I ate together and hung out sometimes. I prefer to have a roommate to avoid the dreaded single supplement. I also like the company of another person to share the delights of the trip with. Hopefully RS will be the start of some friendships with fellow travelers. I don't know if they have website for meeting potential roommates. I would like to go on their Greenland trip in Summer 2019 - hopefully they will offer it again - and I'm sure I will need to avoid the single supplement on that one. Interested?
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    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.
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    I have never had a bad roommate - always someone who was polite, respectful and compatible. Nor have I been on a trip with unfriendly others, either singles or couples. I have traveled with other companies with some noticeable group conflicts, but nothing that hindered my enjoyment. I'm up to 10 trips and wonder if my luck will run out on the next adventure! I think of solo travel as being like summer camp - might meet a friend for life, might not. I do my best to be welcoming and kind and hope others will be, too. Seems to me that this is typical of RS travel - lots of reasonable, flexible people who enjoy seeing what the world has to offer. So to all you new travelers, relax and enjoy your trip. So many places, so little time. :-)
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    These are really good ideas and I will do the same! Thanks!