Solo and Hard of Hearing

I go to the gym and yoga regularly.  Now, being a widow and

hard of hearing, I wonder what kind of accommodations I could

arrange for a RS trip.  Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Not sure anything special would be required for either solo or hard of hearing.

    Most RS trips provide hearing devices so when you are out and about at group tours you can hear either the group leader or the tour guide. I also use my iPhone earbuds in lieu of the RS provided ear piece. I get stereo sound with no distracting background noise.

    Check out the solo forums on this site.  Will give you more details on peoples experiences.

  • I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you feeling you might need special assistance because you are hard of hearing or because you are traveling solo?

    There will usually be a number of solo travelers on every Road Scholar tour but even with that most everyone is open and social.

    If you are on a trip where the guides use the listening devices you might want to bring your own headphones or earbuds. I also use my own earbuds for the listening devices - just can't stand how the cheap, disposable ones sit in my ear.

    Are you looking at a specific tour or just wanting to travel in general?