University of Montana 3 weeks on campus in July

Is anyone thinking of doing this unique trip.  Looks like Road Scholar is going back to its Elderhostel roots of staying on campuses.  I wonder if three weeks might be too long for this.  Also it is a two hour shuttle from landing in Bozeman?  Any thoughts on this new trip?


  • Hi! Can you give a link to this program? I did a search using Montana and University of Montana and don't come up with anything. It sounds interesting.

    I can tell you that within a 2 hour shuttle drive from Bozeman airport are both Gardiner and West Yellowstone which are gateways to Yellowstone but there is not a UMontana campus at either location.

  • I graduated from U of Mt ..its in Missoula...this program looks like it's in Dillon ,MT. ...which is U of MT Western .