Solo Travel

Hi, I am an active 72 year old female and booked for my first Solo Travel trip with RS  May 28th -"Bicycling Eastern Shores of Virginia" I live in Connecticut and selected a US trip to see how I like solo travel with RS.

  • My first international trip with RS was solo. It was an amazing small group adventure to Southern Africa. Our group met as strangers and parted as friends. I've kept in touch with one or two from that group. The RS trip was so well planned, efficient and organized. I was every bit engaged from beginning to end. I am planning my second trip now.
  • My guess is you'll love solo travel with RS. You get your own room so you can decompress after a long day, your own bathroom (!!), a bit of solitude to do some reading or preparing for the next day's activities. Finally, and not least, the
    opportunity to meet many interesting , well traveled and welcoming people or, put another way, typical RS roadies.
  • That's a good way to start! I also did the same thing with my first RS trip which was hiking to Yellowstone. I had a great time and have done 9 more solo trips since then. I do get the single supplement instead of being assigned a roommate just because I like some down time from the group. I've done 5 US based trips and 5 international trips and find this is a wonderful way to travel! Now I usually add some independent time before my programs and tour on my own.