First Road Scholar Trip

I am considering the trip to Prague in either November or December of this year as my first Road Scholar trip.  I will be traveling on my own and am a little apprehensive about it.  I would love to hear about other people's experiences traveling alone.  Did you think that traveling in a group made a difference?  Thanks!

  • I've not done a trip to Prague but I've done 10 Road Scholar programs, 5 US activity based and 5 in Europe. All solo. I'm signed up for #11 this Fall. Altho I've traveled in Europe now for several years and feel pretty comfortable on my own, I enjoy the group dynamic and the awesome information from the guides. Road Scholar guides are really interesting and well-informed.

    There have been solo travelers on all my tours but in general the couples are interesting to talk with and generally open to engaging with others. I like the programs that have some meals on your own as I get tired of set meals after a while. Others enjoy plated meals and are maybe a bit shy about striking out on their own. All locations I've visited with Road Scholar were wonderful and I felt perfectly safe going out on my own for a meal.

    At this point I like to add independent travel before or after my Road Scholar trips. I always do my own air arrangements (I live at an end-of-the-line airport in the boondocks so I probably know the connections from here better than anyone else) so I make sure I arrive a day or 2 ahead to the tour hotel. I want time to get over jet lag before the tour starts and also to give myself some flex time in case of hiccups or delays in flights. I don't mind figuring out my transportation from the airport to the tour hotel. I make arrangements for extra nights directly with the hotel's booking website and always mention that I'm on a tour that starts "XX" day. Generally I can stay in the same room.

    I always do the single supplement. Road Scholar will allow you to not pay the single supplement and be roomed with another solo traveler of the same gender on the tour. I like some alone time so I do better with the private room.

    To me this is a wonderful way to travel solo! Anything else you have questions about?

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    Pam -- Thank you so much for all the information. I feel much better about going by myself and may even take advantage of your idea of going a day early to get over jet lag. It will depend on the cost. Hope to meet you some day on one of these trips! Take care. . . Elayne
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    Elayne, I'm glad the information was helpful. Frankly if I waited until others had the time, money and inclination to go to Europe I'd be home twiddling my thumbs and looking at cobwebs, hahaha! Go, have a wonderful time enjoying a location YOU are interested in and never look back!

  • I've traveled solo since I was young. Now I build my international travel around a Road Scholar program and, depending on the destination, add time to the front and/or end for independent travel. I have found that I like the education and small group features … for a while. I can get grounded and introduced to a destination before striking off on my own. I also do a lot of pre-trip research, especially looking at maps (both street view and earth view) to orient myself so I will feel more comfortable during free time.