Linking together our group

If I had a magic wand it would be so easy to link us all together here.

Try as I might I can not figure this out ...

  • Are you trying to find the "private" forum for your program? Yes, they are hidden better than the Easter Bunny hides eggs.

    Go to the main RS page which you really can't get to from here, lol. ( Click at the top where it says "My Account." Click Upcoming Trip. Scroll down a little and on the right there is a button that says "Join the Discussion". Click on the bar across the top where it says "discuss" and you can start a question on your program forum. NOT that anyone will answer because no one else can find it either.

    I started a question in my forum just to see if I got any responses. I've had 2 views but no one's answered yet nor have they started another question. I'd not bet the farm that you'll get many responses.

    I bookmarked my tour forum just to make it easier on myself!

    Good luck!
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    well, thank you so much. I got a vague answer from RS in email...with an offer to win a grand for every name address I give them; refer a friend to get inundated with mail trips and things none of my people can afford!
  • Hello shemcdz, we understand that Pam's response may have answered your question but if you need any further assistance feel free to let us know here on the discussion boards, via email, chat, or phone! Best, Rachel
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    Shemcdz, you are very welcome. I spend WAY too much time on other travel forums and nowhere has the learning curve been as steep as on this forum.

    I hope you can connect to others in your program! I've now had 3 "views" of the thread I started in my Fall program forum but no responses. On the other hand, it looks like there are 25 people added to my forum so that means my program has more than the minimum to go!

    I completely understand about the "offers". Yikes.

  • Yes RS they are much too aggressive about getting people’s money in their pockets.
    This is NOT a non profit give me a break
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    Hi, this is Lisa aka fellini, either I am totally challenged or their interface whatever is too confusing to use.
    Just wanted to know if you liked my agreeing w your sign your friends up and win a prize heavy artillery sales tactics, thanks for taking the t8ne to write, I m turned off by RS