Complaint Customer Service

I have my doubts on using you for a trip

Because of the following

Last night at 11:50 ! Pm your associate called me on the phone.

He left a message.

Have you gone insane.

How could you call a customer at practically midnight.

The worst part of this is that no one of any rank or authority had offered  an apology or tried to assuage my feelings.

Except for one nice associate on the , phone she referred my call to a supervisor, I have not heard from us now 7; here, you had all day to call me

If you think that I am going to spend 5 to 10 grand of my vacation dollars w you , think again.

You have not learned customer relations and care 101 so go back to school, not road school and learn it!

I have been completely turned off to you and your subtle aggressive tactics of manipulating the customer to try

Get a deposit to

book a trip a year in advance for 9,000 dollars

I don’t like you.

You can kiss gooodbye to my credit card.

  • Very weird that they called at near midnight since their hours are generally just daytime hours in Boston.

    I don't mind paying Road Scholar a deposit a year in advance. It's only $250 and I'm good with that if it reserves my single supplement room. I paid last July for one of the limited singles on an international trip for next September. Since then I've changed my mind about which trip I want and since I was more than 120 days out from travel I could move my deposit to another trip with no penalty.

    Another tour company I travel with to Europe has a $400 deposit PLUS the entire amount of their Single Supplement which is usually around $795 - so with them I'm almost always in ~ $1200 from sign up.

    I want to know I have the single room for either tour company and I don't mind paying to reserve. How else do they know someone is committed to travel?

  • Hello Lisa, we are researching why it appears you heard your phone ring at midnight with a call from us. We are closed at 9PM (EST) and do not make or take calls after that time of night. A manager here has tried to contact you this morning and we will continue to try to reach out to you until we are able to reach you to resolve this matter. Best, Rachel