Oct. 2019 Provence Barge Trip via Boeing 737 Max 8 (Air Canada)

We are participating in the Provence Canal Barge trip Oct 2-12, 2019. We booked our flight through RS. One leg of the journey is on a Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8 from San Francisco to Montreal. So far there has been no change in the aircraft on our itinerary, although Air Canada has grounded all their Boeing 737 Max 8 planes "until further notice." Although the AC Max 8 planes may be OK'd for flight later on, they may not. Can we depend on RS to find another flight for us?  

  • Hello, we are not certain as to which aircraft you will be flying in at this time. Also if the Max 8 is still not flying we will definitely rebook you and let you know if your schedule needs to change. If you are interested in rebooking your flights to make sure you're not on a Max 8 you may do so before the final payment date of your program for no additional charges. Our Travel Services department will be happy to assist you if you choose to rebook beforehand as well.
    Air Canada is now updating its May, June and July schedule to further optimize its fleet and re-accommodate customers. Because the timeline for the return to service of the 737 Max is unknown, for planning purposes and to provide customers certainty for booking and travel, Air Canada is removing all 737 MAX aircraft from its schedule until at least September 02, 2019.
    Here is the link to Air Canada's website for you also --

    Best, Rachel
  • In reply to Road Scholar:

    Thank you, Rachel, for your response, and thanks also to RS Travel Advisor Lindsay who responded to my email concerning this matter. We will await further flight information from RS pending Air Canada's re-booking. Nancy