Is Road Scholar Getting More Aggravating to Deal With?

I'm just wondering if RS has gotten too big and is trying to handle too much.  I keep running into road blocks in viewing my travel information in my RS account and contacting CHAT gets a response like "I don't know why you can't view it."  This is the first time I've booked travel through RS, and it has thus far yielded several frustrations in accessing information, for example receiving IMPORTANT INFORMATION emails from registration about Travel Arrangements instructing me to go to my account, BUT THEN when there I get a message "no information is available."  Repeating myself, CHAT was useless and I don't have an hour to hang on line by phone.

  • I find the website very easy to navigate- just be sure you are signed in. I also find anyone I speak to at RS to be very helpful. Maybe you can call & ask to speak to someone who can help you navigate the website. Also, each trip has it's own "discussion" group, just for people on your trip.
  • This is also our first trip w/RS and we had a very frustrating experience as well. No problem with the site but we also believe RS has gotten too big to effectively handle all their tours. It took almost 4 weeks to get this very minor issue resolved. One especially frustrating experience was receiving assurance that RS would call us back and we didn't hear a word. Our holiday is coming up soon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will run smoothly.
  • I have found the chat service to have been helpful except they were unable to give me any details about flexibility of check-in times or baggage storage until check-in time. instead gave me the hotel e-mail address, but the hotel does not respond. GRRR
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    Why don't you just call them on the phone!
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    The last two representatives we spoke to on the phone definitely had an attitude! It is not pleasant to do business with a company whose representatives are unfriendly and haughty and who do not seem to like their job or value their customers. One was actually so bad that her colleagues turned her in for her rudeness - I did receive a very nice apology from her supervisor.
  • They never answered questions I left on the chatline.
  • Completely unacceptable to call several times in a row on different days and be met with a delay in answering, then a message of insufficient personnel to answer phones and to HOLD, then automatic hang-up without being able to leave a call-back number! Not sure I will ever sign up for a tour again at this juncture.
  • I have THREE trips to SE ASIA and INDIA booked back to back for early next year and have made arrangements for extra nights at the hotels that were on the itinerary only to have one of them changed without them notifying me.
    When I tried to change the booking to the new hotel I was told they were sold out and no rooms were available. On my own...I was able to get waitlisted for the program hotel, but so far have not gotten the room. This will require me to move from one hotel in Delhi to another on my own without assistance from RS.
    When I've called RS about some details and had to leave a message the response I received from them - on my answering machine - was completely unrelated to the question I had left. The person was totally clueless...but she was very upbeat and cheerful...however that didn't help with my problem! My schedule for these three trips covers SEVEN weeks! I've wanted to do this trip for years, but I'm beginning to wonder if it was wise to go with this.
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    I have had a couple of issues. One is that you cannot normally talk to the same person again about your problem. The other is inconsistencies about the number of nights for a trip. Sometimes for international trips a night is included for the overnight flight, but not always. Sometimes the number of nights for the "lodgings" does not match the number of nights at the top of the listing. And every now and then, there is a brochure that gives number of days instead of nights. When I called to clarify the length of a program, it turned out that because I was using my smart phone the display under "lodgings" did not include a calendar where you could choose a specific trip date, something you can do on the calendar version of program listings. So I was seeing the nights and lodgings on my phone that did not match the printed listing in the brochure because the trip dates did not match. Be warned that the mobile listings may need to be double checked.
  • Just booked our first program with RS. The process has gone smoothly so far with phone contacts and with online messages responses. Obviously, we have limited experience but did appreciate the "call back" feature ...not certain if that is a very recent addition to their options but it was very effective when we utilized it. Looking forward to Bermuda in April.
  • I agree; I am finding RS more frustrating to deal with. Chat could not do what I asked, and when I called last night, the person I spoke with apparently (from my account balance) did not complete what I trying to complete. So now I'm on hold, trying to find out what happened. Have been holding for 20 minutes now, and still have not gotten through. They say you can 'press 1' and they will call you, but my cell phone often does not ring when I'm inside the house. I really don't want to have to go through this again.
  • I booked three consecutive trips to SE Asia for Feb/March 2018. I've had nothing but aggravation with RS. They've now cancelled the third trip and so I have to redo air reservations, hotels, etc. I know this is a risk, but every issue with RS has been ridiculous. Their departments do not seem to communicate with each other..."travel" vs trip booking, etc. Nothing but frustration. This will be my last time with RS.
  • I just wanted to add for those who presumed I was just "having trouble navigataing the website" or didn't know how, that this was not the issue at all. In my professional life or lives navigating websites in search of information was a component of what I did. I also hope that wasn't an ageist remark or thoughts on the part of those who just assumed, being "Elderhostel" that I just didn't know what I was doing. What I was referring to was receiving an email that said "go to the website to see your information," but when I went there (correctly and in the right spot), there was no such information made available.
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    I have the same trouble. I have a trip in December and I get excited every time I hear someone has posted on my trip. Alas, it never is true. I called and asked them to send me the emails of people in my group so I could meet them ahead of time and no one ever got back to me.
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    I echo joangisenberg. I thing RS should disseminate the emails of all those registered for a particular trip so they could
    easily communicate with each other. Each person would be asked upon signing up if he or she would agree to have
    one's email made available to others on the same trip. Don't know why this hasn't already occurred to RS.