Is Road Scholar Getting More Aggravating to Deal With?

I'm just wondering if RS has gotten too big and is trying to handle too much.  I keep running into road blocks in viewing my travel information in my RS account and contacting CHAT gets a response like "I don't know why you can't view it."  This is the first time I've booked travel through RS, and it has thus far yielded several frustrations in accessing information, for example receiving IMPORTANT INFORMATION emails from registration about Travel Arrangements instructing me to go to my account, BUT THEN when there I get a message "no information is available."  Repeating myself, CHAT was useless and I don't have an hour to hang on line by phone.

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    I’m beginning to wonder about Road Scholar.
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    RS is going thru growing pains. I think they need to take a step back and remember who their core audience is and has always been; more mature travelers, people traveling alone for the first time and people who may not be completely comfortable navigating RS website. I find the website challenging at times and I designed them for a living. I find the people on the phone as helpful as they can be. They have been tasked with being a help desk for IT rather than a source of travel information and it is not fair to them. I suggest before rolling out an upgraded website RS look for some real users to test out the platform so that people don't get frustrated and give up. Go back to basics and organize the discussion groups before they become so confusing no one bothers with them.
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    I find it refreshing when I go on a RS tour to meet people for the first time and get to know them in person. I think emailing, unless you are communicating with a potential roommate, would take away the sense of wonder when you sit down to dinner and everyone lets you know who they are. I find planning travel and the anticipation of what is to come is part of the experience.
  • I think you're making too many assumptions about RS travelers. Most are saavy, competent people. The issues being discussed on here are about more than the website. there is a lack of communication between their departments, employee rudeness, seeming incompetence, etc.
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    I agree most are seasoned travelers, I did not mean they were not nor that they were incompetent. Most of the people who are seeking help or asking questions thru the discussion boards would be better served with a website that worked properly and a customer service team not doing double duty as IT help desk. The new release of RS seems to have created more issues than it resolved. RS needs to revisit what went and is going on here.
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    It seems asking RS to take a reasonable suggestion and implement it is like asking the QEII to do a high-speed
    slalom run down a steep ski slope. However, I must say that I hope one day to encounter CT_PBW and
    beverlyejohnson on a RS adventure. I enjoy reading their posts elsewhere on these boards, but the comments
    both have made on this one are a bit more peppery...that goes for joanginsberg too, but I'm not so familiar with
    her posts.
  • I've been reading all these comments and it's too bad you've all had these problems. Just wanted you to know that I'm about to go on my 11th trip with RS and have had hardly any problems with them. Couple glitches here and there but overall I keep on booking trips with them because they do such a good job.
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    Thanks, bje,that's encouraging. I think CT_PBW is right to infer that RS is going through some growing pains, and
    that their intensions are noble. We all hope so.
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    Just to clarify, I've never been disappointed in the trips I've taken with them, four now, and the last one exceeded expectations. I took the first three about eight years ago, then had a long gap in which I was traveling in other ways. Then, in the pre-trip stages for this one just recently, it was one thing after another with Roadscholar, totally skewed from my earlier experiences. Once on the trip, things were great.
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    I agree that on all of the five trips that we have taken with Road Scholar, we have been extremely pleased with everything on the trip: the group leaders, the individual guides, the accommodations, .... everything! And we intend to travel with RS again this year.
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    Personal email addresses will not be shared by RS before a trip due to confidentiality.
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    I responded to this very 'problem' on another thread. Confidentiality can be waived. If RS asked the question"would you
    consent to sharing your email address with others on your trip?" (only possible answers: 'yes' or 'no'), the question of
    Confidentiality is a non-issue.
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    Call me cautious but I would like to meet people before sharing my personal details. Before a trip one can discuss an upcoming trip via trip discussion forum.
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    Gee, CT_PBW, I wish that were true. My experience is limited to the 2 times (so far) that I've taken trips with RS, but each
    time I looked on 'Trip Discussion Board", and nary a posting. I even started my own trip discussion, hoping to snag a response or two, but nope..nuthin'.