Is Road Scholar Getting More Aggravating to Deal With?

I'm just wondering if RS has gotten too big and is trying to handle too much.  I keep running into road blocks in viewing my travel information in my RS account and contacting CHAT gets a response like "I don't know why you can't view it."  This is the first time I've booked travel through RS, and it has thus far yielded several frustrations in accessing information, for example receiving IMPORTANT INFORMATION emails from registration about Travel Arrangements instructing me to go to my account, BUT THEN when there I get a message "no information is available."  Repeating myself, CHAT was useless and I don't have an hour to hang on line by phone.

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    I started discussions on various forums and have had only a handful of responses. I have to do a run around on my own trip discussion forum as I it doesn't show my original discussion directly. Not sure if this is a software problem for other people or not but it is frustrating to say the least.
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    I have had hit or miss on getting information via the discussion board. I do believe it was prior to the release of the new website. It seemed more tightly tied to specific programs. Now posts are all over the place, making it time consuming to do research. I suggested they add all states and territories as people are now posting in the wrong states and one can not add a state to the forum. Who would think to look in Wyoming is one is traveling to Montana? I think the website deserves a mulligan.
  • I agree that I miss the old discussion boards where one could be on a discussion for a specific program. That was much more useful that the current set-up in which comments are not specific to a given program. It was very useful to be able to ask and answer questions posed by other attendees about specific programs ... such as getting information from someone who had already been on one's upcoming trip. I am not finding the current set-up very useful at all!
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    A trip to Bermuda this coming April will be our first travel with Road Scholar. I did set up a Discussion for BERMUDA back several months ago and have yet to get a single comment or response. So I am not certain if it is lack of interest in such a form of communicating or a flaw in RS's discussion board website.

    Barbara G.
  • I totally agree with Grace. The former discussion boards about specific trips were wonderful and you could get and give precise information which was very helpful.
    RS staff, if you're reading this, take note!
    I guess they've expanded to so many trips, they don't want to offer specific trip boards but this new general comment stuff is for the birds! Not helpful.

    While I'm here I'll say I've NEVER gotten an email or a chat returned from RS.
    on my last trip my friends and I requested our rooms be next to each other in all of our six hotels. When it didn't happen, I told the group leader and he knew nothing about it. Rather than just trade somebody's room keys he emailed staff in Boston to try to fix it! Idiotic! Finally in the sixth hotel, we were next to each other but not with the adjoining interior door between our rooms. This had been requested on our original data forms a month before our trip.
    Another comment,
    the speakers and sites visited have been outstanding on all my four RS trips but three of the trips were a bit too much of a whirlwind, with a couple hours here and there and then move on quickly to one more site. No time to digest or savor a location.
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    There are discussion boards for each trip. When you look at the drop down list under "My Account" you will see your "Upcoming trips" page - then look at the lower left of the "upcoming trips" page. Click on "Trip Discussion" & sign in again. I do agree that RS clould promote this "trip Discussion" page a bit more.
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    You have to be "assigned" by RS to access a specific trip board once you sign up for the trip. That does not help when researching new adventures. When first introduced it did not work properly so everyone went to the community posts. I think that is where the confusion is.
    A reset is in order to clean up the mess. If RS is sure trip specific discussion is working properly, they clean up posts gone rogue it would be a great asset. Note though, that rarely does anyone respond to trip specific posts. Also no one gets back to let the community know if the information provided by the community was of value. I guess once they have gone on the trip they have no interest in the subject matter. Would be a service to the community to say thanks, that advice really helped or jeesh that was a bad idea.
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    Once again, CT_PBW makes cogent remarks regarding RS's seeming disregard for 'My Trip Discussion Board', which is
    supposed to be accessible from "My Account' under 'Upcoming Trips'. Yeah, that doesn't work, RS's protestations to the contrary not withstanding. Either fix it or remove it completely, RS.
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    to jbbetz:
    Yeah, I've tried that a few times and I always get the same message: 'Sorry, your trip discussion board is not available..."
  • Dealing with Road Scholar for air travel cumbersome at best. I was supposed to be given voucher for transfer from airport to hotel. Not in my mailed travel package. When I finally got to someone was told they would be mailed. Stupid idea since they would have arrived after I left for trip. Was shocked that snail mail was option. After insisting that they be e-mailed they were.

    Standard process is three day wait before response. Not sure I saved any money on air fare but certainly picked up lots of frustration and stress.
  • Yes - frustrating. How can I book flights when I don't know when and where the group transfers are available?
  • YES! Especially the travel department. I usually travel with my husband, but this time I'm traveling with a friend instead, and I've found it exceptionally difficult to deal with RS regarding our trip details. The latest issue is illustrative. We wanted to change our seats on RS-booked flights. My friend is traveling and asked me to handle the details for both of us. I called, and was told that I couldn't make the change for my friend, but that she could send an email from the road and they'd take care of it. So I drafted an email she could cut and paste and send while on the road, and she did that, but got an automated response that they'd get back to her in "several business days"!! By then, of course, the seats she requested will likely be gone.
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    Being a person who likes to handle details I have always booked my own flights and ground transportation. Mostly because I like to arrive a day or two early to do off the beaten path adventures prior to joining the group.

    My issues are with the RS website "upgrade". It was much easier in the previous version to do research on future trips, get advice from persons who already been on a trip you are thinking about doing and combining two trips together by date/locale. Now you have a great deal of redundancy, inability to add a state to the North America forum thus making it all the more confusing and not very useful and I have not seen RS indications of trips that can be grouped together by date/locale.

    I have been on multiple RS trips and have had a lot of fun adventures. I just wish they made planning them as pleasant as being on them.

  • Yes having a terrible time accessing chat forums for my trip never had this 2 years ago
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    Having the same trouble accessing website for chats with others about upcoming trip didn't have this problem before this is my 4 th RS trip