Is Road Scholar Getting More Aggravating to Deal With?

I'm just wondering if RS has gotten too big and is trying to handle too much.  I keep running into road blocks in viewing my travel information in my RS account and contacting CHAT gets a response like "I don't know why you can't view it."  This is the first time I've booked travel through RS, and it has thus far yielded several frustrations in accessing information, for example receiving IMPORTANT INFORMATION emails from registration about Travel Arrangements instructing me to go to my account, BUT THEN when there I get a message "no information is available."  Repeating myself, CHAT was useless and I don't have an hour to hang on line by phone.

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    Hello Margaret, we have added you as a member of the discussion board for your upcoming program so you can now begin communicating with others on the trip. We hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure! ~ Your Friends at Road Scholar
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    Why isn't this done automatically? I know how to access trip specific discussion boards from the main community page but apparently a lot of people haven't figured that out. It would be much less aggravation for everyone just to have people automatically added to discussion board when the enroll in a program instead of going through a ton of rigamarole. C'mon RS, you can do better than this.
  • Hello All,

    We wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing feedback on your experiences with our website and discussion boards. The recommendations, comments, and technical issues that our participants share with us are consistently reviewed, and we are doing our best to improve the functionality and user experience of our boards. We understand that some of our participants have encountered difficulty when attempting to access specific trip boards, and are working hard to resolve the issue permanently.

    When our new website launched, we re-organized the boards to include threads for both the program and date level. The latter is intended to give the group an opportunity to connect before and after a program departs, therefore is only accessible through the My Account page after enrollment in the specific date is completed. The program-level, and general boards, are accessible to all members of our community.

    We apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced, but rest assured we are working every day to improve your experience – so please, don’t hesitate to keep the feedback coming. We are always listening!

    All the best,
    Your Friends at Road Scholar
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    Yes I agree I just tried for my Cuba trip and received the same message.
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    RS, please spend the extra 50 cents/hour on an IT team that can actually FIX this problem. I understand it's bit like re-ordering the Universe, but the system as it stands is utterly worthless. Fix it or eliminate it altogether.
  • Yes, RS has definitely changed, has gotten more aggressive, in the last several years. It takes a long time to get help by phone. I once encountered rude agents who told me that perhaps I should change my travel plans when she could not answer my question. In addition, some agents will put you on hold and never get back to you when they cannot provide definitive and correct answers. For my trip in May, they forgot to send me my taxi vouchers and if I had not called (several times), I would have never received them. I am hoping things will change for the better in the coming years.
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    Road Scholar ... are you listening to the feedback you are getting? We have done 6 trips with RS and have been extremely satisfied with each of them. However, our experiences getting through to your staff in the past 6 months or so have been far from satisfactory. I certainly do hope that this does not get reflected in your tours. Regardless, these negative experiences must be causing potential customers to go elsewhere for their travel plans, which would be a shame. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR OFFICE AND HELP DESK!!!
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    Hello ctgrbr103106 and grace011621,
    Thank you for reaching out to share your concerns regarding the long hold times when calling us. Our enrollments have grown considerably, resulting in a significant number of calls, chats, and emails. In response to this, we have been hiring additional staff and also implemented a new system last week, both of which we expect will help us increase efficiency in the long term.

    We have shared your feedback with our Contact Center Leadership team, as we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience and realize that our wait times need to be reduced in order to accomplish this.

    In the meantime, if you do need to reach us by phone, we are finding the shortest wait times are mid-week, particularly Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays late morning and early afternoon. We also recommend taking advantage of the callback feature: you can press 1 to have the phone system call you so you can put the phone down.

    Thank you again for contacting us and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    All the best,
    Your Friends at Road Scholar
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    I called on Friday (5/4) and the wait-time was under five minutes! I am glad to know that Road Scholar has tackled the problem.
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    Program descriptions also differ online from what is in the catalogue. Specifically on quality of lodging and whether or not you can choose from alternative routes. Caution!
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    my website problems seemed related to my use of iPad. Every time I went to book a program, it then showed waitlist only. That seems resolved.
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    We had one excellent travel experience with Road Scholar and would like to try more. However my experience in contacting Road scholar from Australia for a second booking has been fraught with problems.
    Road scholar has been very slow to respond to the emails I sent daily. On two occasions I have waited at least for three days for a response.
    Waitlisting, I was told, could only be done by phone. Not a toll-free call from overseas. I'll happily pay for the time we talked but not the very long wait time, very expensive at international rates. The "call back" system is no doubt great in USA but does not accept international numbers. I tried, by both email and "chat", to request a "call back" but was told it couldn't be done.
    If only the booking experience could be as good as our tour.
  • Call. They are good on the phone
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    The web site is antiquated and a nightmare. The discussion board is annoying and doesn't allow for clusters of same questions, the trips are great-- the people are too. I have been on three and each is different, but each gave me what I needed in different ways with varied excellence-- some excellence was knowledge of place, some was this plus amazing adventures with a feeling of community, and the first was what I needed for reasons relating to my personal life.
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    I, likewise, took my first RS trip for reasons relating to my personal life. It was so therapeutic, I took another
    a few months later, and am scheduled for my third in September. So far, it's been good for me.