Reserving flights through Road Scholar

Do you prefer to book your program flights through Road Scholar or on your own?

  • I've had some trips that were cheaper through RS and some that weren't. It seems they use 2 or more different travel agencies and I've had good luck with Holbrook Travel and they have been very helpful. A trip to Iceland that was quoted (Icelandair) by a different travel agency than Holbrook and was $200 more than the most expensive ticket (refundable, flexible ticket) I could get online through the Icelandair website. When I questioned the extra charge I received no good explanation, just that the travel agency doesn't have access to all the specials that airlines run (it wasn't a special price) and I could book on my own. Hit or Miss for me. I research and then decide when I see what is provided by RS.
  • I had a complicated travel arrangement because I was not starting with the RS trip. RS was extremely helpful. The arranged all my flights not just the ones directly related to the trip. Price was great and they were the nicest people to deal with.
  • I book all my air through RS. First, I do some research online for the flights that look good to me. Then when I talk to the RS travel person we discuss and I can ask for the flights I may have seen that RS didn't suggest. Best of both worlds and RS people have always been very easy to talk to and work with.
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    This was 2 years ago. We're going to Scotland 17 Apr 2019 and RS travel was almost twice the price of Aer Lingus, plus return departure time was 6:30am. I called and they were not flexible on time or price. I booked my own flight departing at 11:45am.
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    I do precisely the same thing -- look up the various route options and then work with RS to get the preferred routing.