Reserving flights through Road Scholar

Do you prefer to book your program flights through Road Scholar or on your own?

  • I've had some trips that were cheaper through RS and some that weren't. It seems they use 2 or more different travel agencies and I've had good luck with Holbrook Travel and they have been very helpful. A trip to Iceland that was quoted (Icelandair) by a different travel agency than Holbrook and was $200 more than the most expensive ticket (refundable, flexible ticket) I could get online through the Icelandair website. When I questioned the extra charge I received no good explanation, just that the travel agency doesn't have access to all the specials that airlines run (it wasn't a special price) and I could book on my own. Hit or Miss for me. I research and then decide when I see what is provided by RS.
  • I had a complicated travel arrangement because I was not starting with the RS trip. RS was extremely helpful. The arranged all my flights not just the ones directly related to the trip. Price was great and they were the nicest people to deal with.
  • I book all my air through RS. First, I do some research online for the flights that look good to me. Then when I talk to the RS travel person we discuss and I can ask for the flights I may have seen that RS didn't suggest. Best of both worlds and RS people have always been very easy to talk to and work with.
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    This was 2 years ago. We're going to Scotland 17 Apr 2019 and RS travel was almost twice the price of Aer Lingus, plus return departure time was 6:30am. I called and they were not flexible on time or price. I booked my own flight departing at 11:45am.
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    I do precisely the same thing -- look up the various route options and then work with RS to get the preferred routing.
  • I always book with RS. When my flight to Malaga, Spain was endlessly delayed by snow in Madrid, RS got me to my destination. Many other travelers gave up and stayed in hotels in Madrid.

    On an upcoming trip to Greece, RS booked the local portion of our trip for $50 round trip. Amazing!

  • Because of my location, I can chose between Detroit or Chicago. Chicago is dreadful due to lots of flights and bad weather, and I wouldn’t drive the leg between Chi and home due to terrible traffic. Just booking any flight has become problematic with all the fare levels, hub issues, and multitude of fees. We are old enough to remember a time when it was so easy: first class or regular, and you got one checked suitcase and meals. But I spend time on the computer comparing and checked, going in different days and do get a flight at a reasonable cost with times that work for me. Problem at RS is I have to book first, then work thru the flight arrangments . And if it doesn’t work out I’m stuck withthe trip and poor travel arrangements?
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    Hi - this is our first trip with Road Scholar, and they booked our flights. It's international, and our return flight is 7:25 AM. The first information booklet we received noted the first shuttle started at 5:30. I assumed that meant they would provide alternative transportation, such as taxi, for earlier departures, but I did call RS and the person said that they didn't know, but I should just speak to the Program Director and they would take care of it. Your post sounds like that's NOT the case - ?? It's only 16 miles to the airport, but If they say they provide transfers, I would think it's up to them. Not so?
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    I always book international trips through Road Scholar and they have always provided transportation at the arrival airport and back to the departure airport. In Athens they sent me in a cab at 3AM for a very early flight . The literature states that if you book through them they provide transportation from and to the airport. Sometimes it is a group departure but if that doesn’t meet with your flight they will get you to the airport.
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    Hi grtbritfan, I'll be reaching out to you via email to assist you with the transfer arrangements shortly. Best, Rachel
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    Thanks!! I thought that would be the case, and RS has also replied to me saying the same. One less thing to worry about!
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    Thank you! Trip is next month, but just wanted to be sure of details.
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    I want to go to NZ.
    RS has Los Angeles to Auckland for over 1600 bucks
    Expedia had it for circa 800 t 900
    They replied about al, the extras
    What extras for 1000 bucks
    They are not talking business class
    It seems like they want more dough than what is fair
    That’s crazy
  • Booking air through RS or not is basically a function of 2 things...1) can you find airfare with the same itinerary for a better price (mine to Almaty Kazakstan was $400 cheaper booking direct than through RS) and 2) are you comfortable dealing with airlines etc by yourself if things go off the rails...also, make sure on international travel that you leave at least 2+ hours for connections....The RS recommended itinerary (which as more money on Lufthansa) had only 77 min connection in Frankfurt versus a 4 hour layover in Istanbul on Turkish Airlines...if that connection was missed you might not get to your destination for days to join your tour group if the flights are all booked, even with RS help on redirecting you.