Reserving flights through Road Scholar

Do you prefer to book your program flights through Road Scholar or on your own?

  • I wish RS would be a little more clear on airport transfers. If you are on one of the independent city tours you are on your own to get to the hotel from the airport, even if you have RS book your flights. I don't think this will be a problem in Paris, but I wonder if there are other cities where it can be quite intimidating.
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    jlwoodward - Yes, transport from Paris is very easy. I tape the printed out full address (including the "zip code" which starts with a 750XX) to a 3x5 index card to hand to the taxi driver. Take a cab ONLY from the official taxi rank. Don't go with anyone who comes up to you in the airport and asks if you want a taxi. Follow the signs and let the manager at the head of the line point you to a taxi. 50E to the Right Bank, 55E to the Left Bank.

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    Thanks! Good to know they will book the flights I want.
  • I have started booking through Road Scholar fairly recently and have been very pleased. I especially like the fact that they take care of organizing all the transfers.
    Next year I will be flying to Bordeaux for the 6 week Living and Learning program. I plan on treating myself to an upgrade from the regular economy and will have to find out if Road Scholar will be able to book that.
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    Quite easy and economical to get into Paris from CDG using public transit -- as long as you don't have a large suitcase. If you are daring, go for it. If it is your first time in Paris … well, maybe you can link up with someone else in your program and use PamInIdaho's tips to take a taxi.
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    How did that work out for you? I've always used RS for international because it was cost effective, especially because the transfers were a distance. I am planning a Scotland trip July 2020 and the difference between RS cost for the flight and if I book it myself (same flights) is $430. I figure I wouldn't spend more than $100 for a transfer from Glasgow airport to the city center (bus) and then from Edinburgh out to the airport. Edinburgh flight is in the morning but not too early that I couldn't find a cab.
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    To Joyceannewhite021503: RS can make reservations for you in economy, economy plus, business, and first class. Just let them know your preference. I found out that not all flights have a business class section so you might end up in economy plus instead.
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    Another tip: be sure to read your air itinerary as soon as RS sends it to you. On our most recent flight to Italy, RS had me arriving and leaving Toronto connection AT THE SAME TIME on different airlines!! Toronto is a monster airport if you're changing airlines. I was able to get the connection changed with a 3-hour layover, which was not at all too long.