Frustrating experience with Road Scholar

I wanted to share frustrating experience as a customer/traveler of Road Scholar:

 My upcoming trip has not started yet, but the experience working with RS has been frustrating and disappointed.

 * When RS office was open, I’ve been waiting on the phone for at least 30 minutes, and no one is available. RS offered call back feature, but they don’t understand that not everyone can use the call back feature.  It's impossible to spend another 30 minutes to hold the phone either.

 * I cannot access my own PIF online for more than 48 hours after I’ve already enrolled to a trip and paid the deposit. Because RS Office is closed on Sat. and Sunday, I cannot reach anyone to resolve the problem.  (I was able to access my PIF online earlier.)

 * The CSR (customer service representative) who answered the call or, who answered the chat, not familiar with the program I've enrolled.  I was holding the phone for 30 minutes, but still cannot get my questions answered.

* RS cannot match the flight price that the airline is offering.

On an identical flight itinerary, RS flight price is TWICE higher than the airline is offering.

 * RS policy: On the international trip, you may not join the airport-hotel group transfer if you did not purchase flight ticket from RS regardless if your flight schedule aligns to RS's group transfer schedule or not.

On my case, my flight schedule is identical to the flight schedule which RS is offering.

This is a 12-person only international program and it's already full. In another word, I am one of the 12 enrolled travelers.

But, RS won't let me know if I can join the group transfer or not until much closer to the start of my program. 

* Taxi is not recommend due to safety reason on my upcoming trip. Although by paying at least $50, RS can arrange an individual transfer. However, the destination is a totally different country, for anyone, a group transfer would be much safer than any individual transfer.

* Suggestion: Why RS cannot simply offer the option to Program Only travelers that by paying additional fee, the Program Only travelers can also join the group transfer between airport and hotel as long as traveler’s flight schedule aligns with the group transfer?


** For privacy reason, I won't disclose specific information on the name of the program I've enrolled. Sorry! ** 

It's my understanding that RS policy on airport-hotel group transfer and purchasing flight tickets from RS are the same across the majority of RS's international program .  That being said, my frustrated experience and suggestion could apply to another RS's international program.

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    Let me clarify the emergency number cannot help with lost luggage. Even worse is when your luggage is lost and there is no place to buy clothing! Just went through this. It killed 3 days of a 5 day trip.
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    Also thr travel assurance program has real limitations so I don’t feel it is useful to purchase an additional policy. If I go on any other trip I will skip that check in and orientation time which will make booking much easier.
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    Wait till you have a problem...they are very good at sympathizing and being sorry.
  • I agree with you if you call them to help you get an airline that is not with the program they don't want to hear from you. WHY NOT THEY ARE HANDLING OTHER FIGHTS .To call in the morning good luck.Information for what to do after your tour is over and you have a long wait for your trip home but why?Maybe if you book your own fight you could get home sooner.
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    I am also having trouble with buying airline tickets through RS. I've paid for my tickets but RS refuses to purchase them in time for me to upgrade my seats which the airline won't do until the tickets are purchased. I called RS today and was told my tickets were bought yesterday, but United said they weren't. United called RS and a different rep told us (United and me) the tickets hadn't been purchased but the agent would buy them immediately and the purchase would show up on United's website in a few minutes. It's been over an hour and the tickets still haven't been issued so I guess that rep wasn't telling the truth either. I'm more than a little upset about this, not just because of the delay in issuing the tickets, but also because I don't think RS agents should lie to customers. Are these RS reps volunteers or are they actually paid employees? I doubt I'll book flights through RS again; in fact, I'm so mad I might not even travel with them again.
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    Hello munchoil011452, our apologies for the difficulty you had with booking your flights with us for your upcoming trip. Yesterday we booked the flights for you and we just sent you the electronic ticket number this morning via email. We are here if you need anything further. Sincerely, Rachel
  • try using google’s ‘CHROME’ browser instead of ‘SAFARI’ to access your PIF and other correspondence fr RS. i had been having problems w/ their website until i found that out. good luck.