Canadian Explorer #3844 in less than two weeks

Dear train travelers 9/25/19,

Since I have already written twice about the mini tea classes Lisa (my

travel partner from PA) and I will do while on the loooong train

stretch from Toronto to Kamloops, this is just a reminder. We each are going to host

3-30 min. classes/tastings.  We will cover such countries as China,

Taiwan, India and Japan....all places we have traveled to studying

tea production and usage.  One thing we have both noticed is the number

of tea shops and tea rooms all around our hotels in the central cities.

I have them all marked on maps because we intend to visit as many as

we can.  We have signed up to participate in a private Chinese tea ceremony

when we extend our visit in Vancouver.  Hope everyone is getting excited

about OUR trip!  See you soon.   paula winchester from Kansas City