Air line fares

I don’t get it

I’m wanting to go to New Zealand

You posted a fare for around 1600 or 1700 to go from Los Angeles to Auckland

I checked Expedia

The round trip from Lax is well under 1000



  • Hello, there are some very important things that we offer as part of the cost of the air you get with us which you likely would not get if you purchase through Expedia or another company. In addition the prices you find will likely not include baggage fees which can be a high price.
    Here are some of the benefits of booking your flights with Road Scholar --
    We offer flexible flight schedules.
    There are low or no cancel fees.
    The flights are held but not booked until closer to start date.
    Very competitive business class upgrades.
    There is a 24 hour emergency number available for all those booked with our air.
    We have careful flight monitoring happening so you can rest at ease.
    We use all major carriers for travel.
    We pick the most direct route possible.
    Custom air arrangement is available.
    We hope you choose to travel with us on this adventure and we are available if you have any further questions. Best, Rachel
  • In reply to Road Scholar:

    Thank you,
    So it’s an economy seat unless you spring for extra bucks, how can this add up to 1000 above Expedia, pray tell
  • Is it the same flight? The flight RS quoted me was higher than what I had seen, but it was not the same one. I told them about another flight that was actually nonstop (their recommendation was not), and they were able to book me on that flight. It was only $60 more, but will pick me up and drop me at the airport, whereas, if I booked on my own, I would have to get taxi to and from the airport which is around $30 each way. So it came out the same.