Walking Sticks or Poles: Advice?

Does anyone have any first hand experience with selecting walking sticks or poles that the airlines won't throw a fuss about?  Specific brands or recommendations would be helpful.  I'm limited to online shopping because of where I live, i.e. no nearby winter sports stores. On one trip I was on, the group leader said that "sometimes" she got through security with her poles, but other times she did not?  If there are collapsible ones, are they safe?  I'd hate to lean on something and have it buckle.  On one trip, a lady with poles fell flat on her face with them somehow.  

  • We put our walking sticks in our checked luggage. Our's come apart and the longer of the two pieces is 29 inches. Get a collapsible one that locks with a pin. I bought mine from a physical therapist. This is the web site www.walkingpoles.com/.../stability-telescoping-button-lock
  • I always put mine in my checked luggage. I have used adjustable ones (don't think they would be called collapsible) that can be locked at various lengths and they won't collapse on you. Amazon has several that are not as expensive as sports stores.
  • We always put ours in checked luggage.  My husband is 6'3'' and his break down into three 18inch segments so fit nicely in small bags.  REI has online ordering.  Just be sure you use posted  guidelines so you buy the right size.

  • I bought these off Amazon for a hiking trip in the Swiss Alps. They collapsed to 26" - short enough to fit in my checked rolling duffle. I found them to be a great, GREAT asset for hiking in the mountains. And no, they will not buckle if you adjust the locking mechanism correctly. www.amazon.com/.../ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00
  • johnsonpa61042825: Thanks for your post. I selected the same ones as you! Thanks for addressing the concern about the locking mechanism. I plan to test them in a safe environment before using them on a walk or hike.
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    How wonderful! I hope you find them as useful as I did.
  • I have Leki poles the telescope. Love them. They screw to tighten and I've never had them collapse. In 2014 my husband and I walked part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Since they wouldn't fit in our backpacks, which we took as carry-on, we wanted to carry them on (afraid they would get bent or lost is we checked them alone). Someone recommended getting a letter from our MD saying that that we needed them. We were only questioned once and the letter sufficed. I'm taking them on a trip next week to Zion. Collapsed, one of them will fit in a suitcase, but the other is older and doesn't telescope short enough. I called the airline (Delta) and they said it was okay, as long as it fit in the overhead, but that it might be a problem with TSA (especially if it has a point, which it doesn't). But they do allow canes, some I'm just going to use it as a cane going through TSA. May try to get a letter from our MD.
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    I just bought the Leki poles that telescope to fit in suitcase. The REI person who assisted me told me that TSA will not allow them in carry-on, unless you have a doctor's note. So I will be checking my bag -- free on Southwest.
  • I purchased Black Diamond poles (a favorite of rock climbers), which collapses to a compact 13", in three sections; small enough to fit in a carry on if it were allowed by TSA. However, at your destination, these poles fit beautifully in a backpack until needed. I highly recommend this pole!