Dressing for cold weather adventures

I've found two videos on YouTube that are, I think, relevant and concise about proper cold weather clothing. If you are already a cold weather adventurer, you won't find anything new, here. For those of us not so sure about proper clothing in the colder extremes, I think these can help. 

https://youtu.be/KD-C-XVGDSM This whole video is useful. I don't particularly agree about the gloves because they are not waterproof, but everything else seems reasonable.

https://youtu.be/42I0yiHQwec Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark to start this one. These guys are in Yellowstone and it is freaking cold.

I'm always looking for suggestions for cold weather adventures, please feel free to share any ideas you may have.

  • Well, suggestions would depend on where you are going and what activities you'll be doing. I've been to Yellowstone a number of times in winter and take different layers depending on what I'm going to be doing. Riding a snowmobile is very different than participating in a highly aerobic activity like snowshoeing or XC skiing. I started one snowmobile day when the temp was -32, going at the speed we were going on the sleds we calculated the wind chill was about -72.

    Are you doing a winter tour?
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    Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the delay in responding... We are on the "Winter Ventures in Yellowstone Country" adventure. Being total novices for cold country touring, we have probably over-bought for the trip. We have our "layers" all purchased, so we feel pretty confident we'll be okay for most conditions. We are not sure if "snow pants" or "Ski pants" would be more appropriate, so we have both. Judging from the description, and some feedback from RS, it seems a lot of this trip is inside vehicles, or on snow mobiles with protective gear provided by the snow mobile provider. Our only question now is...rent a car or take the rather expensive taxi ride from Bozeman to West Yellowstone.
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    I always pack heat packs for hands and feet. I have used them for sore muscles, to put under seats in cold weather. Note: they can sometimes stain. I put them inside a plastic sandwich bags. They are disposable and keep unused for years.

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    So sorry! For some reason I've stopped getting RS notifications on posts. If you haven't gone already, I'd check out Karst Stage which has shuttle transportation from Bozeman to Yellowstone. It is not cheap but if you can get on a group shuttle it may be cheaper. Otherwise, I'd go with a car. Generally in West Yellowstone you can park and walk everywhere, even in winter!

    By the way, the park is still open in spite of the government shutdown. The winter tour operators are keeping the toilets cleaned and carrying toilet paper on their tours to resupply. There was a volunteer group from Gardiner MT residents that went out last Saturday I think, to pick up trash and clean toilets along the road from Mammoth to the NE entrance. A lot of amazing folks pitching in to help this wonderful park!
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    Thank you, very much for this information. We are heading to Yellowstone on Friday and have been very concerned about conditions in the park.
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    Because of the shutdown? Xanterra and the tour guides located outside the park have been keeping vault toilets clean and paying for plows to groom the roads. Residents of Gardiner MT did a clean up along the Northern Range road weekend before last which was awesome community service. As of Jan 13, some employees are back to work in the park.


    I honestly would not worry and believe me I would tell you if I thought there was!

    Or are you worried about snow levels?? Webcams are looking good....

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    Thank you. We truly appreciate the info. Feeling better knowing the facilities are being kept up. Not worried about the snow. A bit worried about driving down from Bozeman to West Yellowstone, but we have rented an all wheel drive vehicle, so not too worried.
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    There can be some icy patches on US191 but they try to keep it up because it's a main highway and truck route. Just take your time, don't slam on brakes, don't use cruise control. 4WD will help you go but won't help you on ice, stopping or cornering.

    In some of the stories I've seen the winter tour guides decided it was cheaper to pay to keep the park going then to lose all their business for the season. An awesome community effort.

    Here also is a link to the Montana DOT winter road report page. I'd check it before you leave home, then again when you get in your rental car at BZN.