Favorite Adventures for Our Five-Program Alumni

We created this discussion board specially for our participants who have attended five Road Scholar programs.

Out of the five programs you’ve taken, which one was your favorite? What did you most like about it? Click the blue “Reply” button to leave your comment. And if you want to add a photo from your experience, click the “Use rich formatting” link to the right. Thanks for sharing!

  • On The Road:National Parks of the West; the program is no longer offered.   It covered Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon,  Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce.  It was a grueling schedule and there were a few bumps in the road but they were all minor.  The other travelers were a pleasure to travel with.  Our group leader went above and beyond to ensure we all had a good time.  The most memorable moments were seeing Yosemite at night during a Supermoon, Stargazing  program with the park rangers at Bryce and making new friends.

  • Favorite was the 5 national parks, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Lake Louise. Great trip especially Glacier.
  • Wild Africa, Botswana,Zimbabwe,Zambia. Great wildlife viewing,great staff,great food,great lodging. On a scale of 1-10 definitely a 15!!
  • Great American Get-Together at Mount Rushmore (#21769) was my favorite. It was a fascinating combination of history, museums, towns, rock formations, science, another culture (Lakota), and animals. A varied package. The leaders and speakers were fantastic. Highly recommended.
  • The Gardens and Vineyards of New Zealand. Wonderful leaders with deep roots in New Zealand. Beautiful private gardens as good as England. We met many of the garden owners. Vineyards with good wines, food and architecture. Art deco in Napier is a bonus.
  • I liked them all (for different reasons), but I really liked Chicago because of the museums and architecture. It was a big surpriese.
  • Each of my trips has been really different -- the most consistent thing has been the high quality of the guides, (and drivers), knowledgeable, personable and each worked really hard to accommodate requests, to assist members of the group, and to "read" the group. Have left each trip wishing i had more time in each location -- a very good sign. Just got back from Maine multi sport adventure last night and can't say enough good things about the program, and the group's collective hard work and enjoyment hiking, biking and paddling.
  • I always told everyone that my BEST Roads Scholar trip was the Turkey adventure, but now I have to say that this most recent Grandparent/Grandchild trip to Peru has bumped Turkey down a half-notch! My granddaughter and I absolutely loved Peru - it was an experience made especially wonderful by Juan Carlos, our fabulous guide!
  • I loved all of my RS trips! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be my recent riverboat cruise on the Crystal Cruises Bach. Despite the cold weather, it was fabulous in every way. Tour leaders Frans and Balazs were incredible.