Favorite Adventures for Our Fifteen-Program Alumni

We created this discussion board specially for our participants who have attended fifteen Road Scholar programs.

Out of the fifteen programs you’ve taken, which one was your favorite? What did you most like about it? Click the blue “Reply” button to leave your comment. And if you want to add a photo from your experience, click the “Use rich formatting” link to the right. Thanks for sharing!

  • My top 2 was The Oregon Coast and The Zion, Bryce and Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. So good I'd do them again. Scenery was fantastic! The places we stayed at were wonderful and the food was great. Good variety.
  • Two that are no longer offered in the same way as when I participated: Walking Gentle Paths of the Swiss Countryside (#13401), and Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: Baltic Road to Independence (#15520). One still offered: Hiking in the Unspoiled Beauty of Big Bend (#11958). Sadly there were also too many that were disappointing, though I continue to participate, hoping for more good ones.
  • down the Oregon coast to ca redwoods from Portland or
  • The hike and wine program in Sonoma at Bishop's Ranch. It was great! It was also our first.
  • In reply to judithoc120903:

    I haven't had a disappointing program since I started with R/S. My previous favorite had been the Camino Trail in Spain, and I still highly recommend the trip. However, I'm just back from "Wild Tanzania", and it is definitely my new #1. Incredible sights and wonderful learning experiences.