Favorite Adventures for Our Twenty-Program Alumni

We created this discussion board specially for our participants who have attended twenty Road Scholar programs.

Out of the twenty programs you’ve taken, which one was your favorite? What did you most like about it? Click the blue “Reply” button to leave your comment. And if you want to add a photo from your experience, click the “Use rich formatting” link to the right. Thanks for sharing!

  • Biking the Mickelson trail in S. Dakota. It was a lot of fun and there was good camaraderie among the participants. It's a very scenic ride.
  • My best Road Scholar program is the last one I have taken. I take one each for a special reason so it is impossible to pick any one as my favorite. My last one 23151 Hiking the Adirondacks was great hiking with great participates and guides.
  • My favorites so far are Christmas in San Diego followed by The Rose Parade in Pasadena.  [In between, stay at least one night on the Queen Mary in Long Beach!]  I have also enjoyed the "moving" ones through the National Parks.  

  • My most memorable was the 2017 World Academy, the around the world trip on the Holland America Amsterdam.
    The trip most favorite was the French Impressionists. It started in Paris and through the countryside that they painted, then the train to London to see more paintings, crossing on the Queen Mary 2 to NYC to the MMOA for more paintings and saving the best for last Philadelphia - 3 museums but the most amazing Barnes! Wow!! And throughout the trip we had a museum curator to guide us. Why doesn't RS provide this amazing adventure anymore? It was fabulous!!
  • my most memorable trip was kayaking the colorado.. we put in at the foot of the Hover Dam, stayed in the most interesting, unique town of Chloride.. unfortunately this program is no longer offered
  • Thirteen of the programs we’ve attended have been inter generational but sadly, several of them are no longer offered Of the ones still offered, two of the best would be one at Callaway Gardens and one at Park City that included a hot air balloon ride and the Olympic Training Center.
    Of the adult ones, seeing the Cold War Bunker underneath the Greenbrier Hotel, A coal mining town and West Virginia culture may be the best. Ranking very high also was one at Mt Rushmore led by a man whose family was one of the original Homestead families.
  • Our two favorite programs are no longer offered: house boating on Lake Powell and dog-sledding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in Ely, MN. Both had wonderful leaders and exciting adventures.
  • This is so hard to choose. Australia at your Pace was an epic adventure, but I enjoyed the leisurely Costa Rican trip as well for it friendly people and interesting places. Alaska by rail was also very memorable as were all our national park adventures. Road Scholar rarely disappoints me.