Favorite Adventures for Our Five-Program Alumni

We created this discussion board specially for our participants who have attended five Road Scholar programs.

Out of the five programs you’ve taken, which one was your favorite? What did you most like about it? Click the blue “Reply” button to leave your comment. And if you want to add a photo from your experience, click the “Use rich formatting” link to the right. Thanks for sharing!

  • The trip to Italy was my favorite for several reasons, foremost because I learned I could travel internationally alone. This knowledge opened up the entire world to me. This Italian trip had a great guide in Mimmo, professional, personable, and just fun to be with. The lecturers in each city were fascinating and entertaining. The hotels were located in walking distance to everything. After this trip I knew my travels were just beginning with Road Scholar. As a widow without friends who can travel, how I wish I’d known about Road Scholar sooner.
  • My favorite Road Scholar trip is always the one l just left! I continue to be amazed at how each trip exceeds my expectations. I just returned from GARDENS OF ASHEVILLE
    and I'm still pretty speechless. We stayed at Montreat, a retreat/conference center in Black Mountain, a delightful small town at the edge of Asheville. Our leaders were terrific. Steve Frowine is an expert in this industry, with degrees, books and a history of work in all things horticulture. Best, he has a terrific sense of humor and loves what he does. Jackie, his "sidekick" also had great knowledge and focused more on the organizational aspects that make things run smoothly. Together they were a perfect team.

    We had class and excursions every day. We visited 4 public gardens--Asheville Botanical Garden, Biltmore Estate Gardens, North Carolina Arboretum, and an Asheville community garden. Our private garden trips were like nothing l could have imagined. I didn't know such places existed. Grown and maintained by the homeowners, these gardens were acres and acres of beauty and were all totally different from each other. From tree collections to plants passed down generations to Japanese maple trees with lineage to the emperor of Japan, the gardens all differed except for one thing: the love of their owners, who welcomed us as old friends.

    I was alone for this trip, but as l learned on my first RS trip, you never need to be alone. And, we always eat well! I'm doing 3 more trips this year and have 28 on my wishlist!
  • My favorite program of the five was the Canadian Rockies. I have wanted to go to Banff and Lake Louise for many years. Although I am more of a walker than a hiker, I was able to enjoy this trip with the expert guidance of the guides. The multiple levels were great! PS Of the two intergenerational trips I have taken with grandchildren, the latest was Cue the Curtain. My granddaughter and I loved it and saw so many plays in addition to putting one on.

  • It is hard to choose only one! I loved my trip to the Galapagos Islands. Not only was it wonderful to visit the islands and see the classic wildlife I have only learned and taught about, but the snorkeling was amazing. I never imagined swimming with sea turtles and sea lions. Also the vast variety of fish was more than I imagined. Plus, since we 'lived' on a boat for the week, it was like having a cruise at the same time!
    My other favorite was the Color Country of Utah's National Parks. Hiking was wonderful, scenery spectacular, etc. I particularly enjoyed being able to stay inside the park at the lodges...a goal of mine to visit/stay in all the National Park Lodges.