Favorite Adventures for Our Forty-Program Alumni

We created this discussion board specially for our participants who have attended forty Road Scholar programs.

Out of the forty programs you’ve taken, which one was your favorite? What did you most like about it? Click the blue “Reply” button to leave your comment. And if you want to add a photo from your experience, click the “Use rich formatting” link to the right. Thanks for sharing!

  • My very first program ( no longer available ), " Backpacking the Grand Canyon ", in 1999, was superb ! We were 180 miles from the South Rim and everything we needed for the week, including water, was in our backpacks. Because of flooding, our trip leader, Bruce, devised Virgin trails each day. On the last day we " hiked " entirely in Diamond Creek to its conclusion, at the Colorado River - with the sun at our backs, in our face ( back & forth ) and the surrounding mountains closing in to 50 feet, and then opening up again as we progressed the journey. Spectacular ! We had Ups, Downs, Overs, Arounds, you name it, we trekked it ! Back Country, - you bet, Challenging, - certainly, Worth the effort, - positively, - Simply Marvelous ! ! ! By the way,, I have now attended 63 Elderhostel - Road Scholar trips, including those my Daughter signed us both in, and ten programs that I Hosted for Stetson University in Florida. However, the Forty Ski trips to Park City with Gary Neilson were a very close second in my personal experiences. Why would I do the same Two Programs twice a year for Twenty years ?